Tottenham 0-0 Ars***l Match Report

The regulars will know that I’ve not been around much lately. Work is nuts. Its hampered my ability to get onto the forum as much as I’d like lately, but even that wasn’t going to stop me getting to the North London Derby! After a massive curry and several beers the previous night, the early start was not exactly appreciated! … Read More »

Tottenham Hotspur 4-1 Burnley League Cup Semi

Well punters, here I am again, kind of announcing my return by way of writing this match report. The regulars will know I’ve been away for a while. The world of work got the better of me in the lead up to Christmas, and some unexpected issues made for difficult times around New Year. Of course, I’ve missed a few … Read More »

Walter Tull. Played for Tottenham 1909-1911

Walter Tull. Played for Tottenham 1909-1911. He became the first black outfield player to play in the First Division of the Football League when he signed for us and should have had a long and prosperouscareer at White Hart Lane had it not been for 2 things: racism and war. He was efeectively forced out of Spurs by rival fans … Read More »

UEFA Cup: Tottenham 2-2 Spartak Moscow Match Report

The final UEFA Cup group game, and after a few nerves being jangled, we made it through. As is customary for an evening game, I started proceedings with a couple of pints with my mate Dave. It was Christmas bonus time for him, but no champagne this year, so we stuck to a couple of Wallops at one of Davy’s … Read More »

Tottenham 0-0 Manchester United Match Report

Ladies and gentlemen, normal service is resumed! After the week-long delays with the last two match reports, we’re back to some semblance of normality with this one. Like I said in the West Ham report, the fact that I’ve had a cold over the weekend means I’m sat at home today so there’s a bit more spare time to get … Read More »

West Ham 0-2 Tottenham Match Report

I have become very slack at writing these match reports. I can only apologise. It took me well over a week to get the Watford report posted, and here we are a week after the game at Upton Park and I’m only just posting it! Work commitments coupled with a long, long delay on the trains earlier this week conspired … Read More »

League Cup: Watford 1-2 Tottenham Match Report

Right, second attempt to get this Watford match report posted after the recent blue screen issues….. So, this one’s over a week old and we’ve now beaten West Ham too so how many people will stick with this is anybody’s guess, but for completeness I’ll write it up anyway! Last Wednesday saw us take a trip to Vicarage Road with … Read More »

Tottenham 0-1 Everton Match Report

Pah! Defeat at home to Everton for the second season running. You could look at it and say we’re right back in the mixer, but realistically I think that would have been the case regardless of the result given how tight the Premier League is this season. In reality we deserved nothing from this game. We were bad. Not as … Read More »

Tottenham 1-0 Blackburn Match Report

Ah, back to winning ways. Just as well too as anything less than three points, and a second successive League defeat, would have seen as starting to look at the table with doom and gloom. Early kick-offs are never the most fun for me. Travelling up by train for a 13:30 on Sunday means getting up far too early – … Read More »

Fulham 2-1 Tottenham Match Report

OK, let’s be clear on one thing….. the headlines will be about Gomes. The mistake that cost us the first goal, and at least a point. A truly awful error. No two ways about it. But let me be equally clear – this was a rubbish performance. So….. read on….. While sinking a couple of pints near Waterloo prior to … Read More »