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The Start of things to come

As you may have seen TottenhamHotspurs.tv has made some big steps over the last month to improve the site for the future, We’ve added many new features which i will list below in an effort to make every one aware of what we offer.We would love some comments in the forum on how you think we are doing and how we can make it better.

So with Martin Jol staying at the helm and hopefully in my views that Levy doesn’t sell the club to an American influence, the club is once again on the up, i think we can all say after the last 2 seasons we are getting better and better, with great ambitions to finish in the top 4 for season 07/08.

So what do you all think 07/08 holds for us and what players would you like to see come in and go out of White Hart Lane ? Come and join the forum and let us know your views, Spurs wouldn’t be Spurs if it wasn’t for the passionate fans !

So to the New and old Features that we’ve promised over the last couple of months :
Tottenham Forum : Great place to meet other spurs fans and really get your views heard, it’s a friendly place with sometimes heated discussions but most of the time everyone listens to what you have to say, so come along and have a chat.

Tottenham History : The Clubs History is something that all yids take pride in, so why not have a read up and practice for them loud mouth gooners or you local pub quiz.

Tottenham Stats / Tranfers / Tables : Through out the season and Pre-season we will have the stats to keep you informed so please keep checking back for all those latest transfers and of course the rumors.

Tottenham Myspace Layouts : Please feel free to use our predesigned Myspace layouts, they have been designed for you to use so we dont want them to goto waste Also please add us to you myspace friends – You can see our myspace page here : Visit our Myspace.

Spurs Arcade :Tottenham Hotspur Arcade will be growing with more games as the summer goes on so please feel free to drop by at any time.

Tottenham Hotspur Wallpaper : Tart up your computer with these great Spurs Wallpapers and Photo’s If you would like to add to our collection please email us and we will put them up.