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Fulham to pinch our players, and Bentley on his way

Not only did they pip us to the post for qualifying for the Europa Cup, but now Roy Hodgson is trying to bump up his squad by nicking three of our players. O’Hara, Bale and Huddlestone, are all on his shopping list this summer. The rumour is that they are offering £4 Million for O’Hara, but other clubs are also interested. Personally, I think it would be a shame, and a mistake, to let O’Hara go to one of our London rivals for next season. Even though O’Hara hasn’t been a regular starter, he’s proved valuable throughout the season when others have picked up an injury, and he’s always good to throw on for the last twenty minutes and cause havoc. Huddlestone is also a great asset, but Harry has made it quite clear that he won’t be playing much, so I can understand that we want to sell him off. As regards to Gareth, I’ve never won in a Spurs shirt, Bale; Fulham can have him. May they take his curse with him too. If we are going to develop a strong squad then we need to keep our hands on people like O’Hara. Look at the big teams like United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea, they have quality on their benches. Keeping decent players as back up will be essential to maintaining a competitive position next year.

Bentley looks set to be moving to Villa for £7 Million, which is excellent news, because that means Ashely Young could be coming to the Lane. Other news for the day, Spurs have finally settled an undisclosed compensation for Juan de Ramos, after we pinched him off Sevilla mid season in October 2007. I think they should be paying us compensation though, for not warning us what Mr Ramos was going to do to our squad, at least we won the Carling Cup with him. Finally, unfortunately, Spurs midfielder Danny Rose didn’t play a part in the England Under 21’s 2 v 1 victory against Finland yesterday. It was a great start for Stuart Pearce’s team, who thinks England will need to improve if they are going to win the tournament.

They still face Germany and Spain in the group stages before they can think about the Semi Finals. Let’s hope Rose can get a chance to play in one of the other two games.