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Pavlyustayko or Pavlygogo?

I know I shouldn’t start an article talking about Chelsea, but one of the managers who impressed me last season was Hiddink. He might have a podgy face with a double chin but his calm, collected and smooth character oozes professionalism and knowledge. If you look at how he turned Chelsea around (much like the great Rednapp), then you have to respect any comments he makes about his Russian International players; which brings me on to Roman Pavlyuchenko. When I first saw Pavvy linking up with Arshavin for Russia in Euro 2008, I was amazed with his speed, agility and clinical finishing, as I’m sure you were too. However, he just hasn’t found his feet playing for us. In the five years that he played for Spartak Moscow, he scored 69 times in 127 games, an amazing ratio of one goal every two games, but for us he only scored 5 goals in 28 games, a ratio of one goal every five games. Even for his national team Russia, he’s scored 11 goals in 27 games. A striker’s job is to strike, and Pavvy has been far off the grade. To look at he’s tall and quick, but the number of times I saw him get shoved off the ball last season was incredible, he doesn’t win the ball enough in the air and is too soft for the Premiership.

Hiddink has spoken out publically about Pavvy “He should seriously think about his future. He needs constant training and game time.” I’d have to agree, Pavvy belongs in another league where he won’t get bullied off the ball so much. I’ve got no doubt that for the right team he’d bang in 20-25 goals a season, but I can see him making it in the Prem. So I think it’s time we parted with our Russian friend, let him concentrate on his International career and get some first team action for another club, in another league, far, far away. What do you think though? Come on, don’t be shy, I’m keen to know what you other Spurs fans are thinking.

Is it time for Pavvy to go go? Or do you think he’s worth another season to prove if he can reward us like he did Spartak Moscow? Elsewhere, a great result for the England Under 21’s last night after they beat Spain 2 v 0, which books them a place in the Semi Finals. Danny Rose didn’t get a chance to play, but maybe he will against Germany next Monday evening, kick off 19.45. It was pleasantly soothing to see that Egypt beat Italy 1 v 0 last night in the Confederations Cup, which means that it’s looking likely to be a Spain v Brazil final, a classic encounter with two teams that are currently on frightening form. If you’re a bit lost of things to do this weekend with no football, don’t fear, Brazil take on Italy on Sunday evening at 19.45, so we can get a taster of what we’re likely to expect next summer when the World Cup starts.