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What do we need?

There’s been lots of talk over the last two weeks about players coming and going, but Rednapp has failed to sign anyone yet. We may have missed out with Santa Cruz to Man City, who have reportedly signed him for £18 million, but to be honest I think we can do a lot better. Rednapp might be a bit slow out of the traps, but I have faith that he will sign a couple of key players this summer. If you look at the changes he made in January, bringing back Keane, Defoe, and Chimbonda, and adding Palacios and Cudicini, then we know that he can pull the deals around and use his experience to benefit the mighty Spurs. We might have to be patient, but I’m sure we’ll start next season with a stronger squad than last year. I’m interested to know what you fans think though. There’s lot of talk about people leaving the clubs this summer, mainly Pavlyuchenko, Bent, Dos Santos, Huddlestone, Boateng, Bentley, Zokora, Bale, and Gilberto. I think Bentley to Villa is a done deal (what a shame, not). Zokora to Sevilla is looking less likely though after Sevilla have seen his asking price. Whether the others are going to leave is still unclear. As I said in my article on Friday, I think it’s time for Pavvy to go, we could keep him in the background, but if he’s not getting regular first team football then he’s likely to go.

I rated Dos Santos in the few times I’ve seen him play and I think we should incorporate him more in the side. Even though Bent was our top scorer last season, he could have scored so many more, a number of times he missed sitters which would have seen us grabs a few more points, I say let him go. I’d keep Huddlestone, he played brilliantly under Joel, and I think we need a good strong anchor man to supply decent balls up the wings. As regards to the rest, let’s put it this way, I won’t be losing any sleep if they decided to leave, even if they go to Arsenal. What do we need? Firstly, I’d like to see a 20-25 goal a season man linking up with Keane and Defoe. Now that Manchester Utd have said Tevez can leave, I’d love to see him at Spurs, but Man City or Chelsea are sure to sweep him up.
Nistlerooy is still a possibility, but I can’t see him missing out on Champions League football. What about Owen? I know he’s been a bit off the boil, but with the assists from Modric, Lennon, and Palacios, maybe we could get the England star back on track. I also feel that we need some extra umph in attacking midfield. Ashley young would be a perfect contender, as would Robben. At the back, although King and Woodgate are an awesome team when they are both fit, it’s more than likely that one, or both of them, will be picking up knocks through the year. I think we need a solid centre back to come in and hold the fort and possibly a better left back, Assou had some great games last season, but he did make some atrocious cock ups.

In conclusion, I don’t think we need to go crazy this summer, towards the end of the year we had some fantastic performances and we just need a couple of key signings to deepen the squad. That’s my opinion anyway, what do you guys think? Maybe Rednapp is at a loose end today and he’s stumbled across our site, what would you say to him if you could? Answers please ladies and gents… The only new and tasty rumour today is that Aruna Dindane, Ivory Coast striker, has been told he can leave Lens. We have been linked with him along with Villa and Stoke City. Apparently, he’s interested in playing in the Prem, but if not then La Liga would be his next option. He could be the answer to the 20-25 extra goals we need next season, but then again, if he’s going to dive around the box and shout abuse at the ref on live television, like another Ivory Coast striker we all love to hate, then may be we’re better off without him.