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Pav keen to stay

Over the weekend, Pav’s agent, Olev Artemov, supposedly made comments suggesting that Pav wasn’t happy at Spurs and wanted to move on. However, Olev believes Pav is keen to remain at The Lane. “I was astonished to read the outcry on the internet as a result of the alleged interview I gave to the Daily Mirror,” he said to the Sports Express. “In fact, it was loose translation of my comments to the newspaper Izvestia and the words were taken out of context.Roma and Stuttgart have made some early steps towards the signing, but there have been no specific offers or negotiations as yet,” he added. “Besides, Roman wants to play in London and is looking to prove that he can be an asset for Tottenham.” Anything that’s written in the Daily mirror has to be taken with a pinch of salt anyway. From the comments that you made last week about Pav, it seems as though you’d prefer him to stay and for Rednapp to incorporate him more in the side, as long as he shows a bit more gristle on the pitch. As I said before I was impressed with him in Euro 2008, and he has scored a few goals for us, maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt and see if he can turn things around.

The latest rumour today is that we’re in a chase to sign Argentine Real Madrid defender Gabriel Hienze. The ex-Manchester Utd defender has mentioned that he could be interested in playing in the Prem again. “I would not mind playing Premier League football again,” he told Skysports. “I am aware that several clubs are interested, but I must speak with Real Madrid first. I have no idea of where I am going to end up and I am yet to think about my future.” The problem, as always with any rumour flying about these days, is that Liverpool, Chelsea and Moneybags Citeh are also in the race to sign the 31 year-old.
I don’t know about you but I’m getting tired and frustrated at seeing Man City’s name against anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest in coming over to England, and also to anyone who is unsettled with their current club. It reminds me of the times at school when any of the fit girls became available; there were always two, more handsome, young chaps who would snap them up before any of the average blokes could get a chance. In the end, those two lads ended up in prison though, so maybe there’s hope yet. Spurs midfielder, Danny Rose played a full 90 minutes last night for the England Under 21’s against Germany. They drew 1 v 1 and Danny picked up a yellow card for unsporting behaviour. Never mind Danny, at least you got stuck in against the Germans.

England play against the runners up of Group A this Friday in the Semi Final, Kick off 19.45. They could meet any of Italy, Sweden, Belarus or Serbia depending on results. Let’s hope that Danny can get another chance to prove himself and help England reach the final.