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Spurs 09/10 Kit Petitions

The pictures of the new kit appeared a little while ago now & many of us have not been taken in by the yellow streaks, especially all over our Home shirt. I stayed quiet as I tried to convince myself it was all a hoax and that nobody at Spurs would actually allow such a monstrosity. However, the design has now been made official & I am not alone in my horror. The thought that somebody could have actually designed it in the first place is bad enough but the fact that it was then given the all clear by everyone at the club just beggar’s belief. Huge numbers of Spurs fans right across various forums & blogs have been posting their disgust at this design & many are saying they will not buy the kit. This represents a big problem for the club as they rely quite heavily on revenue generated by shirt sales. Not too long ago Feyenoord also cleared a design that proved massively unpopular with their fans.

Coincidently it was also designed by Puma, who decided to change the kit after the fans made their feelings known. Us Spurs fans need to find our voice now also & we can only hope that our beloved club listens. Yellow is NOT part of our Home kit. I do not look at those shirts & think ‘Tottenham’. I need to feel proud to wear that shirt & I simply cannot. If I was given one as a present I would hide it at the back of my wardrobe. We are in danger of losing our identity wearing that & it must not happen. Spurs fans have started up a petition against the horrendous new kit design.

Please go & have a look & sign it here: Spurs Supporters Against Yellow On The Home Kit Petition : [ powered by iPetitions.com ]