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Making many new friends around the World

Having spent the last few days skipping around the world wide interweb just soaking up the Spurs love-in I just wanted to comment on how nice it is, not just to be doing so well as a team in our 1st Champion’s League adventure, but to have a team so exciting & entertaining that people who had ignored us for so long are now not just taking notice, they’re painting themselves Lilywhite & jumping head-1st into the Tottenham mania!

The Champion’s League has even better global coverage than the Premier League & I’ve read numerous comments on various sites saying how they had never really watched Spurs before as our games are not too frequently broadcast in their country, but they are now going to seek us out & are proudly calling themselves new Spurs fans.

Without meaning to sound like I’m blowing our own trumpet, we’re making this competition at the moment. It has been a common criticism that the competition never really starts until after the group stages. Up until then tho, the tournament is going thru the motions & is often a little bit dull. Not so with Spurs. From the moment we set foot in this event it has been a rollercoaster. Typical Spurs, as far as we’re all concerned, but imagine what you would be thinking if you had either never really heard of us before or if you had just dismissed us as some mediocre, English long-ball team?

3-0 down to Young Boys in a qualifier after 30min before dramatically bringing it back to 3-2 with 2 cracking goals & then playing some great football in a 4-0 Lilywhite-wash at the Lane, Then we go to Bremen & again play some electric football & go 2 nil up after 18min only to draw the game 2-2 in the end. What can you say about the Twente game? Have they seen drama like that in the 2nd group game before? Certainly not for a while. Penalties missed, penalties scored, going 2 goals up in 5 min & then losing a goal & then a man, looking as if we’re going to crumble again & then we go and score another 2!!!

And I don’t even need to mention the Inter Milan games & a certain Gareth Bale. People are scoffing at recent comparisons between Messi & Bale &, whilst I agree it is a rather large stretch, look at it this way: what other players in the Champions League can bring the whole crowd to their feet every time they touch the ball? Messi is 1, Ronaldo is another & Bale is the 3rd – I can’t think of any others.

I’ve read people saying “I never heard of this Bale guy before but I love him! I have a new hero!”

It has been a long, long time since a Spurs team entertained quite like this to the extent that, people stumbling across us for the 1st time become hooked. It has been a long, long time since we’ve had a Spurs team with not just 1 individual, but several, of the quality, uniqueness, skills & thrills that they attract new fans on their own – You just know that the Spurs Shop will be selling double the amount of Van der Vaart & Modric shirts & probably triple the amount of Bale shirts after those Inter games!!!!

So, besides the wonderful football we’ve seen in Europe so far, the whole adventure is making me feel all warm inside! This is what used to happen with Spurs, we used to enchant people watching us for the first time as we weaved a magical mix of European flair, British gung-ho & a large slice of pure entertainment.

There is something very special about spurs in Europe & it is just great to see so many once again falling under the Spurs spell.

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