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Modric and Bale Commit to Spurs

After an absolutely stunning victory over European Champions, Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday night, speculation has increased rapidly over the departure of some of the top performers on the night, and indeed the key performers for Spurs in the last year or so, namley Luka Modric and Gareth Bale.

In recent years, Spurs have had their heroes and most recently Micheal Carrick and Dimitar Berbatov were among the better perfomers in a Spurs top to reach hero status among the White Hart Lane faithful. Whilst Spurs fans are used to having a talisman or two within the squad, we are just as used to seeing them grow delusional at The Lane and seek a move to a “Bigger Club” where they can achieve more and win more trophies.

No doubt as Gareth Bale tortured Maicon with devastating run after devastating run, every Spurs fan started to dread reading who the Worldwide press had linked our most recent crop of stars to. So how refreshing for Yiddos across the World to wake up to find rebuff after rebuff of this speculation from the manager, Harry Redknapp and the playes in question. Certainly a sign of change at White Hart Lane and a clear message that Tottenham Hotspur are no longer a selling club to the “bigger” clubs.

Luka Modric and Gareth Bale in fact both signed a 6 year and 5 year contract respectivley during the start of the summer, but during times where contracts seem like they are hardly worth the paper they are written on, it will come as extra delight to Spurs fans to hear two of their current idols come out and reassure us that they are here for the long term.

Speaking to SportskeNovosti, in Croatia about speculation linking Luka Modric to Spanish giants Barcelona, Modric said:

“Me going to Barcelona? Yes, I really hope that, but only as a Tottenham player in the next round of the Champions League,”

“Let’s be serious. All this is just so-called exclusive rumours, but I don’t know who really needs them. Are they funny? Yes, they are very funny for me.

“But of course, it is always nice to see your name being linked with such a club as Barcelona, but one has to keep their feet on the ground.

“At the end of the day it’s just rumours without any foundation. And I really don’t want to talk about all this anymore. Since I moved here newspapers are always talking about me leaving for somewhere else.

“First it was Chelsea then Inter Milan and also Manchester United,now it is Barcelona. But the only truth is that I just recently signed a new contract with Tottenham.

“London is such a great place and at White Hart Lane I feel just like home. I know that the fans are happy with me, I have all the support I need to develop even more.

“I can make my Football dreams come true with Tottenham.”

If this wasn’t enough music to Redknapp, Levy and all associated to Tottenham ears, then hearing Gareth Bale speaking to the BBCSport definatley provided a huge sweet cherry on top of a delicious cake of a week for everyone at Spurs. When asked about the hype surrounding him, the speculation linking him to clubs across Europe and his future at Tottenham, the Welsh ace explained that he aimed on seeing out his fresh 5-year contract out at Tottenham and said:

“Yeah, as I said I want to keep playing at Tottenham and keep enjoying my football,”

“I’m just enjoying playing and enjoy playing at Tottenham at the moment. We’ve got a lot to look forward to.”

“I’m not sure what all the fuss is about, it’s a bit surreal. Every footballer knows it comes with the game if you’re doing well. It’s kind of nice.

“Being viewed as a ‘hot property’ does not make me feel any different than I have been feeling.”

“I wouldn’t say there’s one reason (for my current form). The team are playing well and it’s easier to play in a team playing well. The boys around me and the manager gives us all confidence and that helps the team express themselves,”

More good news for Spurs fans everywhere, and the feel good factor that is Tottenham Hotspur wheels into Bolton on Saturday lunchtime to get back to Premier League work and aim for another vital three points,

The futures bright, the futures Lilywhite!