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“Harry never blames himself”

. . . is a criticism I regularly seen directed at Harry. In all honesty I have no idea where people have formulated this opinion but I guess everyone reads things in their own way.

However, I have never seen precise evidence of Harry “shifting the blame off himself when it goes wrong yet happy to bask in the glory when it goes right” – it all seems to be interpretation to me. Personally I have never bought into this theory & cannot help feeling that it is born out of the exaggeration & the twisting of certain comments and reactions which Harry has made by a particular pocket of Spurs fans who had some sort of issue with Harry even before he arrived at Spurs (or maybe even evil, anti-Harry outsiders who infiltrate us when our spirits are down in order to spread poisonous rumours about our manager!).

Anyway, I think his statements post Arse-anal game are the ideal indication that this theory is utter codswallop. If ever there was a single game which could enable him to “shift the blame” and “bask in the glory”, it was this one.

However, he has done the exact & absolute opposite & I really felt it is about time this is put to bed.

For a start, rather than try and take all the praise for himself for our dramatic 2nd half turnaround, despite the papers all hailing him & demanding he becomes the new England manager now (what’s that all about?), Harry was very quick to lay all the accolades on William Gallas, as well as giving Kaboul, Bale, Van der Vaart & the whole team a mention.

Then, on top of that, Harry had this to say:

“We’ve come from behind four times and won. That shows great spirit but I wish we wouldn’t go behind. It’s really not that clever as a manager. They say you are clever for changing things but I really should have done that in the first place and then we wouldn’t have been behind!’’

If anything he is very happy to accept his blame by the looks of it, & on a day when most would forgive him overlooking it.

He’s right of course but, you know what Harry? It don’t half make us interesting to watch!!

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