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Why I am In Support For the Olympic Stadium

Since 1899, White Hart Lane has been the home for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. It has been a venue where dreams and memories have been made. Since 1899, the ground has gone through a number of renovations and has a capacity for 36,000.

Spurs have gone from strength to strength and its success has led to a growth in its following. The waiting list now stands at 20,000+.

Spurs have also gone from relegation contenders to Champion’s League Group winners. Gate receipts from Champions League games and too Premier League and Cup games could be greater. However there is only one problem. The seating capacity.

The ideal solution would be to redevelop White Hart Lane. But with the whole planning process, the costs for redevelopment stands at roughly £450 Million. Half of this may be recouped through the sale of naming rights but would leave the club in immense debt.
The second solution the Olympic Stadium. Problem is, it is outside of Tottenham, and would mean leaving behind all of those memories. However, it is the cheapest option at £250 Million – the sale of the naming rights itself may help to recoup most of these costs.

Whichever option is chosen, the extra gate receipts would help Spurs’ to be able to compete more potently within the transfer market. New blood would help Spurs to win trophies and to help regain the glory days at the Lane.

There is strong support AGAINST a move outside of Tottenham. I believe that channelling this energy this way is wrong. What we should be supporting are the people who are in place to seek the best interest of the Club, the Chairman and the Board.

This is why I am in support of staying at White Hart Lane but also in support in the Olympic Stadium option, as well.