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The Olympic Stadium – pros and cons

Nothing has divided opinion among our supporters since Sugar’s takeover in ’91 than the enigma that is the Olympic stadium. Some are for it, some are against it. I myself was at first staunchly against the idea but it is coming round to me now, Haringey council has done nothing to help us regenerate their area for them, all we have heard from David Lammy is sob stories of how Spurs have broken promises and how disgraceful it is that we are even considering moving when he and his cronies haven’t contributed a single penny to the project. There has to be some give and take in this scheme, we are regenerating a deprived area of London for them and the ungrateful sods are sitting back and expecting us to do all the work for them, pathetic if you ask me.

I am going to weigh up the pros and cons of this move in my opinion


We are building a 60,000 seater stadium, more than enough to satisfy the 25,000 season ticket waiting list that we have

Fantastic transport links to the stadium both overground and underground so our fans will be able to get to and from the ground without much hassle

We are building this ground near Canary Wharf, in the heartland of corporate London, which will attract rich investors to the club

We aren’t going to have a running track around the stadium as first feared, if we are to win the bid to the Olympic Stadium we will be as close to the pitch ad we were in the NDP

The stadium we intend to build is basically the stadium of the NDP, the Kop End and all

A fantastic football fan catchment area in working class East London, we could even put West Ham out of business


The obvious fact that we are leaving all the history of WHL and Tottenham behind, the glory days of Billy Nick etc

Dissident fans may break away from THFC and form a rebel club, a Wimbledon scenario

We may have to change our name to Stratford Hotspur, hopefully not

We will become hypocrites as we have always made fun of Arsenal because they moved from Woolwich to Highbury over 100 years ago, they will have our turf, North London, all to themselves, they will have won

Our great rivalry with Arsenal may fade away as there is hardly any locality anymore, a terrible shame, our main rivals may become West Ham

In conclusion I think as long as we get a good quality football stadium to satisfy the needs for gate money and fans being able to see their team, with good facilities outside the ground (museum, shop etc) and their is a good atmosphere at games I am not worried about where we play our football (as long as we are in London). I am actually rather excited about the prospect of getting a new stadium as the club needs to become modern and forward thinking.