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Player of the Season – Update

Since the start of the season, members from our forum have been asked to provide their ratings on a player’s performance after each Premier League game.

Forum members are given a chance to give a player a score from 3 (the highest/man of the match), to 1 (player’s performance was worth noting).

These ratings have been added up with two thirds of the season gone.

The process for calculation is simple:

1. The players scores are added up, eg:

Player A = 400
Player B = 200
Player C = 300
Player D = 100

2. The scores are then ranked into the top 3:

Player A
Player C
Player B

3. A 3, 2, 1 scoring is applied again:

Player A – 3 points
Player C – 2 points
Player B – 1 points

4. This process is repeated again with the other Premier League games.

The results have been revealing, and the top 3 includes a number of new faces.


With two thirds of season played you had voted for 3rd place(so far):

• William Gallas (8 points)

With two thirds of season played you had voted for 2nd place(so far):

• Rafael Van Der Vaart (20 points)

Finally, the TH.TV Player of the Season (so far) with 29 points is…..

• Luka Modric

Surprisingly, no Gareth Bale. But his league form has been hit and missed compared to the Champions League.

A question readers may be asking is, where are our strikers? Crouch so far is leading the strikers with 2 points followed by Pavlyuchenko with 1 point. Gomes and Kaboul have 4 points meaning that our goalkeeper and defender is having a better season than our strikers so far.

Remember all could change by the END of the season. But there may be no change on the striker front since we failed to acquire a new striker. I hope to be proved wrong though.

Finally, to the forum members, thank you for voting and….keep on voting.