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The most important summer in the club’s history

With the Premier League megapowers surely all going to spend this summer, the next two months could define the history of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club for the next 10 years. Why? Because we stand at a crossroads, ENIC can either prove that they see this club as a business and sell Luka Modric to Chelsea for a tidy sum and have the money vanish under the table and Tottenham return to being a “nearly” mid-table club with the odd flash-in-the-pan Carling Cup success and forever be in the shadow of our North London neighbours Arsenal. The other option is a far more sensible one for the number of knock on effects it could have. We can stand firm on the Modric saga, tell him he is not leaving, prove our ambitions by signing a £30 Million striker and go hell for leather at not only trying to finish in the Top 4 and return to the big lights of the Champions League, but at a possible Premier League title tilt. As, in my humble opinion, we are a 20 goal a season striker away from being the complete package.

The knock on effects? If we are successful in the 2011/12 campaign, get where we want to be and keep gradually improving, the money will start to roll in from consistent runs in the Champions League and prize money for winning domestic cups and maybe even a league. Where will this money go? Surely towards resolving our stadium issue. Any Spurs fan worth their crust knows that the major blockage in our aim to become a dominant force in European football is our stadium and the lack of revenue that comes with it. Continuous income flowing in will hopefully fund a 60,000 seater stadium that will give us the finances to kick on and start investing in top bracket players for our squad. Therefore we will be successful on the pitch regularly. We cannot do any of this without having top quality players like Modric, and, if we bottle it and let the little man walk out the door, then surely others, sensing our lack of ambition, will follow still.

What also comes with big name players? Media attention, shirt sale revenue, fans and sponsorship. What does that equate to? Money my friends, something any board craves.

There was a time like this some 15 years ago, where we had top players in a Lilywhite shirt and with further investment Spurs could have been a force to match Manchester United in trophy collecting, instead Sugar sold Klinsmann, Barmby, Popescu, Dumitrescu and eventually Sheringham. We bottled it then, and suffered for it for the next 10 years.

So Mr Levy. It is again judgement day for our club, and, believe it or not, it is in your hands. You can give in once more like you did with Berbatov and Keane, hold out for the highest price and wreck our season. Or you can sit Luka down, offer him the wages now free since the departure of Jonathan Woodgate on top of what he is already earning and prove as Harry says that Tottenham Hotspur’s ambition indeed matches that of Luka Modric by making big name signings. Loosen the purse strings, forget about a wage bracket and advance our beloved club’s progress.