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Memories of White Hart Lane – 82 FA Cup Semi Final Villa Park

The 1982 FA CUP run, was a truly memorable time for me.

For the 2nd year running the FA CUP had been good to Spurs, as we never left London until the SEMI FINAL ,which was at VILLA PARK.

We had defeated ARSENAL (separate tale to come about this one), LEEDS and VILLA at WHITE HART LANE, before beating CHELSEA at STAMFORD BRIDGE in the 6[/SIZE]th round.

Now, all that stood between a 2nd consecutive FA CUP FINAL (and another outing for the COCKEREL), was LEICESTER CITY at VILLA PARK. I was 15.

I remember we drove up to VILLA PARK, and my dad bombing up the M1, singing his heart out, “SPURS ARE ON THEIR WAY TO WEMBLEY” (he really was a character, my old man!!!). For this match there was me, my dad, Smithy, and J-GREY.

We entered VILLA PARK (which was already full) and remember being in AWE, at the size of the HOLTE END (Villa’s home end), it was HUGE… We took our places halfway up just behind the goal, and soaked up the atmosphere. VILLA PARK was bursting at kick off time, what an atmosphere…

The match was close, until midway through the 2nd half, when a cross from OSSIE ARDILES found GARTH CROOKS (what a player he was) 6 yards out, and he volleyed home powerfully …

GOOOOOOAAAAAALLL, half of VILLA PARK went MENTAL. The Spurs fans ERUPTED as Spurs took the lead in the goal at the HOLTE END. C’MON YOU SPURS, we were LOVING it.

Spurs later took advantage again by pressuring (LEICESTER’S – IAN WILSON) to lob a back pass over his keepers head to make it 2-0.

GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL, this was it, we were going back to WEMBLEY.

The Spurs fans in the HOLTE END were going CRAZY, my dad did his usual DERANGED NUTTER routine (he always cracked me up when Spurs scored), GREAT MEMORIES…

Spurs won this SEMI FINAL, but with sad circumstances, as the outbreak of the FALKLANDS WAR put OSSIE ARDILES in a tough situation, and he received a lot of ABUSE from LEICESTER fans. This was to be his last game for Spurs that season, he was INSTRUMENTAL in getting Spurs through to that FINAL, even though he would not be there himself.

OSSIE ARDILES is my favourite Spurs player EVER, he was that good..

The journey back was inspiring, the singing, the chanting, the chat of getting tickets for the FA CUP FINAL, and of course, going to WEMBLEY.

I was lucky enough to go to every game in this FA CUP run (including FINAL and REPLAY). It was a truly MAGICAL time for Spurs….

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