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Memories of White Hart Lane – The Beginning

For me it really all started way back in 1977.

I was 10, and remember my DAD (what a hero), going MENTAL at the fact that Tottenham had won 9-0 against Bristol Rovers. He was RAVING about it, and about a player called COLIN LEE. Spurs had been relegated into what was then the old 2nd division (today’s Championship ), and my DAD was just so sure that promotion was going to happen, and that Spurs would return to the top flight of English football.

Back in those days, it was LIVERPOOL who was dominating the English game. At school everybody seemed to be a LIVERPOOL fan (Plastic Scouser’s who were glory hunters, the type who had never even seen their team let alone been to ANFIELD ). This just wasn’t for me.

I remember the Bristol Rovers game because COLIN LEE scored 4 (on his debut), and GLENN HODDLE scored a WONDER GOAL (Which was to happen on a regular basis in later years). It was after this that I decided that Spurs were the team for me, and I started to REALLY hassle my DAD to take me to see a Spurs game with him.

That day happened in March 1980, I was 13…..

It was LEEDS UNITED at White Hart Lane… I remember the excitement of the journey to the ground. The closer we got, the more Spurs fans we saw. We parked in a little side street off of White Hart Lane, and the short walk to the ground was buzzing with the atmosphere of a match day. I was hooked (and hadn’t even got inside the ground yet!!!). I remember waiting in the queue in Paxton Road, you could hear the singing and chanting from inside the ground, it really was awesome…

As we entered through the turnstiles, and made our way to the seats in the Paxton Road End, the atmosphere was electric. The Spurs fans in the Shelf were giving it LARGE. I was in a trance…

When the game started, the atmosphere was intense. Each attack started more chanting from the Shelf, I was in a zone, totally absorbed in this magical place. The first Spurs goal was greeted by the loudest noise I had ever heard. All around me, people were going MENTAL, I could see that the Shelf was a heaving, throbbing mass of intense joy (I would see so many games from the Shelf in later years) . This experience was definitely for me, I couldn’t get enough of it.

In the end Spurs won 2-1, with goals from Glenn Hoddle and Mark Falco. It started my love affair with Tottenham Hotspur, which has been going strong now for over 30 years… If you have enjoyed reading my musings of years gone by at the LANE, then check out my other entries that I have posted called “MEMORIES OF WHITE HART LANE”… Let me know what you think, or check out my profile, or even subscribe to my blog….COYS