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Memories of White Hart Lane – We are Tottenham from the Lane

With the Stratford saga still raging, I want to voice my opinion about clubs that change grounds, and the personal impact to me.

I fully understand that clubs need to maximise financial possibilities in the modern era, but at what cost…

Well, to me personally, if Spurs were to move grounds it would in an instant erase the memories I have of a place which has become a major part of my life. In 1980, when 13, I sat in the Paxton Road end with my dad for my 1st Tottenham match verses LEEDS UNITED. Into my teenage years, the memories of standing in the SHELF (yes standing!!!) for many home games during the 80’s (especially the 81 FA Cup run where apart from the 3rd round (QPR), we were drawn at “HOME” in every round). Or standing with my dad in the PARK LANE for the 1984 UEFA CUP FINAL (which we won on penalties against Anderlecht) on our way to MAJOR EUROPEAN GLORY.

I remember in late 1980, the demolition of the OLD WEST STAND (I have pictures), and watching as 15 months later the opening of the NEW WEST STAND (the current structure) with a game verses WOLVES (in which we DEMOLISHED them 6-1). In the late 80’s/early 90’s my cousin played for Spurs (and was lucky enough to be a part of the 1991 FA CUP WINNING team), and I remember many great games , watching many great players.

I have followed Spurs for 30+ years, and I suppose I am “OLD SCHOOL”, But I have grown up watching Spurs at the “LANE”, and it has become part of my being. It is a ground that I cherish, and I personally want it to continue to make history, rather than be a part of history.


Im sure that Daniel Levy has the club’s best interests at heart (and he is one schrewd dude), and I think he has been good for TOTTENHAM.
I just hope that his vision is to somehow find a way of developing the “LANE”, and keep us at our home “WE ARE TOTTENHAM FROM THE LANE”…

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