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Memories of White Hart Lane – Moments in time Part 2

1981 was a FANTASTIC year for TOTTENHAM. In the FA CUP we were drawn at HOME in every round (except for QPR in the 3rd).

After beating QPR in the 3rd round (3-1 after a replay at the LANE), we beat HULL CITY in the 4th (2-0), COVENTRY CITY in the 5th (3-1) and EXETER CITY in the 6th (2-0) to take us to the SEMI FINAL against WOLVES at HILLSBOROUGH. The SEMI FINAL would be the 1st time SPURS had been outside of LONDON during the whole cup run.

MOMENTS IN TIME PART 2 is a picture based trip down memory “LANE”. This part is about that 1981 FA CUP RUN, with unused press association pictures of the games (that were given to me by my dad’s friend who was a sports photographer for the Daily Mail in the 80’s). The 1st picture (below), is the moment when OSSIE ARDILES scores the 1st goal in the 5th round tie against COVENTRY CITY at the LANE. This goal really set Spurs on their way that day, and OSSIE ARDILES was instrumental in getting Spurs to the FINAL that year….

The next picture below, is the moment when Spurs took a real hold in the 5th round against COVENTRY with STEVE ARCHIBALDS goal. Spurs were getting closer to the possibility of getting to the FINAL. STEVE ARCHIBALD was one of the GREATEST striker’s that Spurs have EVER had. I was at this game and remember the excitement of “CUP RUN FEVER”, we were really starting to believe that WEMBLEY could happen.!!!

I love the above picture, STEVE ARCHIBALD has just scored for Spurs, and in the background a packed SHELF is just about to go crazy. What a great shot, and a couple of pictures of really great “MOMENTS IN TIME” for TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR…

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