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Spurs: All In for the Next Season


Tottenham Hotspur and Their New Additions

While the Gareth Bale rumours continue to fill the papers’ headlines, the Spurs are busy finalizing off season transfer moves to boost the strength of the team’s roster.
Over the years, the White Hart Lane has been graced with several competent players including Premier League legend Teddy Sheringham – , who is now an icon in partypoker.com‘s World Poker Tour and card tournaments. The club has a handful of executives who have consistently brought in top class players. There’s always something about a tricky football manager who resembles the subtle strategies of a tactical card expert and luckily for the football club, this summer was quite a full house. Here’s a quick look at just some of the team’s latest key additions.

Roberto Soldado

The team has been searching long to fill in a competent player up front, and this summer the football gods seem to have blessed the Spurs with Valencia’s centre forward, Roberto Soldado. The Spanish striker would bring in a major offensive threat against the league’s football squads, especially since he is known as a proficient scorer. Aside from his offensive skills, Soldado is known as one of the most versatile and flexible footballers out on the pitch, and this will help him adapt to the Spurs different formations.


After three years as central midfielder of the Corinthians, Paulinho finally decided to move on and join the footballers of White Hart Lane. This big move is expected to help push the team to greater heights and hopefully ace the Premier League. The Brazilian National Team star is likely to fit the Andre Villas-Boas’ 4-3-3 formation, especially since his style of play is often compared to that of Mousa Dembele’s own techniques on the pitch.

Nacer Chadli

A great addition to the team’s offensive arsenal is the fine scorer, Nacer Chadli. While he may still be in his early years, Chadli has already proven his skills and has in fact had quite a goal tally during his stint with Dutch Eredivisie’s FC Twente. Chadli was also a member of Belgium’s national team and has contributed largely to the country’s success. In fact, with his well-rounded knowledge of the sport, he has even played as a striker for the Belgium team, despite being known as a winger. If the Spurs should find time to help the young but skilled left winger develop his game, Chadli might just become the next face of the Tottenham club.

Etienne Capoue

The Spurs may already have a plethora of defensive players but Etienne Capoue is still a good addition for the club. Aside from adding more depth to the team, Capoue can provide a certain versatility in playing the midfield position. This club’s latest addition should help address some defensive issues and provide some breathing time for the rest of the Spurs defensive players.


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