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Spurs’ Scoring Off The Pitch

It’s summer time, the crickets are chirping, the asses are twerking, and with nothing of value going on on the pitch, we’re here to celebrate Spurs’ scoring off the pitch. The players have some very hot, nice and/or intruiging WAGs to show off. For a player – a modern gladiator, a symbolic image of past warriors whose whole personal life must be subject to training and fighting – it’s important either to be single, or have a reasonable, light-hearted housewife. That’s the key to success! At least for most players, although there are some characters in the attacking positions that strive to score more off and on the pitch, and that symbiotic action makes them succeed in both in a manner of an alpha-hunter of the ancient times.

But for most players, vaginal constant is what keeps them balanced, focused and positive in the match. Therefore, I’m glad to inform you that most Spurs’ players have long and stable relationships with kind and gentle-looking, understanding women. And the good news is that our new boys, Wanyama and Janssen, are single! Fresh faces in a community can always cause a stir, especially faces like this one:

Wanyama’s ex-girlfriend with her dreamy eyes and erotic nails could sway many white hearts.

When we think of the average age of our squad, and take a look of Wanyama’s ex, we can be glad he came alone to London.

Exotic Tracy Macniven with an oriental touch.


Imagine her looking Dele Alli deep in the eyes prior to the match. Absolute disaster!


But back to true Tottenham WAGS who aren’t wicked as Tracy and wouldn’t hurt our dear jewel Dele.

Meet lovely French Marine Lloris, wife of Hugo:

Kind beauty Marine in a Christmas atmosphere with a happy family and a good prospect for this year’s CL.

Marine and her younger sister Clara.

Marine is no typical WAG. She has degrees in both law and human resources, and launched her first clothing company for children recently. As she seems to have an eye for business and for siblings, she managed her goal of merging business with pleasure and found a way to keep supporting her husband on the stands.

Young Clara and Marine wearing Hugo’s shirt.

The only problem with Marine is her younger sister Clara who has that thirsty look of pure, French, nonchalant desire. Her hotness could distract Hugo, but, they are French, people of dialogue. I’m sure they’ll come to a sensible agreement. As we can see in the picture, two sisters are already wearing the same kit.

Hugo looking at Marine’s sister ass while she approves (j/k).


Belgium defensive pair Alderweireld and Vertonghen are in marriages suited for strong and stable defenders.

Alderweireld’s wife Shani Van Mieghem relaxing with her husband and a dolphin.


Faithfully supporting her husband and her country.


Shani lives a quiet family life with her husband, the rock of our defense, and two kids. On the other hand Jan Vertonghen’s wife, Sophie de Vries, is an aspiring theatre director.

Sophie and Jan sailing in love.

‘I like accompanying her to the plays she selects. Just a while ago we watched a Belgian play in the Engelenbak, a small theatre near the Dam. I need that, meeting other people and doing other things besides football. My girlfriend works at the theatre and even moved to London for me. She has been a strong social influence and turned me into a cosmopolitan.’ It is great that he has as a partner someone who can enrich his life intellectually, because good defense is smart defense, while good attack can rely on instinct.

She’s looking at Jan with the crazy eyes of a loving woman on her twitter profile. Jan feels the horror of nesting.


While the Belgium defensive pair need modest, intelligent partners for a modest and intelligent defensive display, explosive Kyle Walker needs this:

Annie Kilner, the bombshell behind Kyle’s explosive displays.

And her behind.


You can see the image he chases on his long, determined runs down the side. That image carries him to greater heights. But Dele Alli, Son Heung-min and Moussa Dembele also have a horse for that race:

Ruby Mae, Alli’s new model girlfriend.

It’s always hot under that tennis hat.


Yoo So Young, an ex-Kpop star and a rising actress in Korea. She’s been dating Son for more than half a year now.

Rumors say that once Son’s father found out he was dating Yoo So Young, he strictly reprimanded him to stay focused on his athletic career instead of dating women, and Son Heung Min is known to follow his parents’ orders.

Yoo seems to be unaffected by those rumours.


Jealous Mousa doesn’t let us see as much of his girlfriend Naomi Solange.

After Maleec, their son was born, we expect a more calm and collected Mousa on the pitch.


Good thing for Spurs is that most of our lads are in long-term, happy-looking relationships with girls who aren’t too obsessed with their public image. They don’t have to be either, because their looks can spread many pupils.

Cute Sofia Herrero married Erik Lamela in 2010.


Eric Dier has been dating Daniela Casal, a sexy stewardess, since 2011.


Harry Kane and Kate Goodland are expecting a child. Here’s a toast to sweet Kate and a wish that Harry has as few sleepless nights as possible.

Harry has been with Kate, a fitness instructor, since their teenage years having gone to school together. They’re together so long that they even have the same facial expressions.


Sabrina Kvist Jensen and Christian Eriksen have been together for four years now. She sometimes feels like second fiddle. Hopefully, Christian will be able to explain to her that Spurs play first fiddle all next season. But he’ll have to face the look of a Danish snow queen.

Sensual kiss after explaining to her how Spurs are doing the double this season.


There are many single lads in the squad, many young lads, and it’s better that way: the player has one obligation less so he can fully concentrate on a career as a true soccer samurai. Yes, sometimes playboying can get out of hand along with the form, but there are not too many heterosexual football priests out there who wouldn’t be drawn into dipping there toes in the flora and fauna of the modelling pool. Nevertheless, our players seem to have adopted a cautious approach to that sexy, waxed pool of love, and with their lives well organised off the pitch, with Poch on the pitch, the future looks bright and the Champions League a very nice challenge.

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