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The gold rush effect


First a few interesting facts… with some loose similarities. The Gold Rush began after James Wilson Marshall found two gold nuggets in the American River at Coloma near Sacramento, California in 1848. Sadly, Marshall never made a profit from his discovery, and as a result of his breakthrough, the sawmill he was partners in eventually closed when all the able-bodied men … Read More »

Spurs Supporters – A sense of Pride


No not the ones that sing their lungs out from the stands at white hart lane every week… nor the ones that travel all over the country to sit in rain, hail, snow and freezing cold winds to  cheer the lads on in away games… It goes without saying that they are the heartbeat of the club and they deserve … Read More »

Timbo Limbo


Reports are coming in that the manager virus HRAVB1 from 2011/12/13 has mutated and is infecting Spurs fans around the globe. The new TimboLimbo strain as its being called (HRAVB2) has apparently infected a large percentage of fans and an epidemic code red warning has been released by the WHO. The CDC has apparently traced the outbreak back and found the first … Read More »