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May 28, 2010
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Tottenham Hotspur FC

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BlueCrew LA

Moderator, from ‘Merica

    1. rossdfc
      Happy 10,000th post mate :001_302:
    2. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      ah ! that would make sense .

      Ta !
    3. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Hello mate how goes ???

      Can you tell me what a "Blue Plate" car is , is it some sort of in resto plate ?
    4. CincySpur
      Always good to get a chance to rant about the NFL…I lost my faith in Carson as soon as he ripped Ohio State when we played your USC boys…maybe shouldnt have told ya im an OSU ticket holder, unfortunately plenty of ammo to go around against us these days…still LOVE Tressel!
    5. Dustin
      There have been a few posts lately that have left me falling out of my chair. Also that (sorry I cum on your carpet) post was legendary. You mods need to keep a list of the most ridiculous ones and we should vote on the best at the end of the year.
    6. Dustin
      I will ask you not to pull the sarcasm card whenever i get you with FACTS..

    7. brainiac
      Loved that thread with the WWII picture on it. Too late to thank on the post so Ill do it on here :y2:
    8. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Hi ,

      Listen mate , don’t let these people get a rise out of you , if someone tries to wind you up just delete the post or/and close the thread and warn . If it gets repeated in a new thread then delete & close , then ban .

      Hope you are very well .
    9. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Hello mate ,

      Just a line to say how much I enjoy reading your posts , I must add that you are showing commendable restraint with some of those that cannot be bothered to read up the whole thread on the new stadium plans ……….

      Keep ’em coming !
    10. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Hello mate

      First root canal huh ?

      Has the anaesthetic worn off yet ? I hope they’ve given you lots of pain killers !!

      Best wishes for a speedy recovery
    11. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      And this …The Poppy Appeal – The Poppy Appeal
    12. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Hi Mate , this explains the poppy

      Remembrance Sunday – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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