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Jul 30, 2008
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May 2
Birmingham, in the heart of England.
Tottenham Hotspur

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Well-Known Member, from Birmingham, in the heart of England.

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Mar 18, 2015 at 10:32 PM
    1. crocop
      your niko is modelling for gillette now πŸ˜€
    2. Audere est Facere
      Audere est Facere
      hey ! πŸ˜€

      Im fine , thanks for asking. and you?

      I just changed the name to have a name that has more to do with tottenham rather than something else =)

      Yeah I will be giving updates on corluka for sure!
      Looking forward to seeing him play against barcelona! haha πŸ˜€
    3. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Thanks for the heads-up Kate , all threads deleted and he’s been binned . :001_005:
    4. Cuddles
      kaj = literally translated as "what" in kajkavian dialect Kajkavian dialect – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      oΓ…ΒΎiviti zamrlu karijeru = to revive a career which is already on life support (translated with some poetic freedom to keep the most meaning).

      don’t worry… I like to be useful πŸ™‚
    5. Cuddles
      Well, now you’re just making me blush. Don’t worry, it’s just an illusion… everything seems better than in really is when you phrase it just right ^^.
      As for English, it’s kind of hard not knowing it when you grow up on Cartoon Network, Hollywood movies and TV shows. Sadly our education system places much more emphasis on grammar and less on actual communicating, speaking and understanding, so many people come of as half-literate. What’s interesting, in Japan for example, this problem is much bigger (education even more oriented on pure grammar and there is not much English content in the media). It’s very difficult to find an actual English speaker there… English friendly business even harder. If I weren’t an anime fan and didn’t pick up some Japanese, I would have been literally lost.

      If you’re planning on returning to Croatia feel free to ask what ever you’re interested in.

      Anyhow… nice to meet you.
    6. Cuddles
      Student (civil engineering) in a summer exchange/research program. I’m home as of last week but I’m planning going back next month (english teacher :D). Just love the culture.
    7. Cuddles
      Didn’t want to spam with off topic so here I am πŸ™‚
      And yes, born and raised.
    8. Robsta
      Hi Brumspur! Please do beg my pardon I never realised you was female! To be honest I have found it quite amusing some of the posts other’s have left about it!
      At least I know now! πŸ™‚

      Take Care! X
    9. River
      Good to here you had a good day brum, bet the weather helped things too, Loving the sun in April big time at the moment. BBQ today πŸ™‚ Cant wait
    10. River
      Howdy Brum πŸ™‚

      Yeah i disabled it when we were having server prob’s , Ill put it back online for you now πŸ™‚

    11. tpucic
      YouTube – Modric & Kranjcar – Tottenham’s Croatians 2011
    12. tpucic
      Are you watching its Kranjcar – Israel 2:0, we (Croatia) , play horrible but Niko is great, one penalty and great solo action, just hope that old-drinking-weird tactic-coach is watching this..
    13. BrumSpur
      Incidentally, Happy 21st for tomorrow. :o13:

      Having a ‘do’?
    14. contrast
      Think I’ll move it back to the Bar because it will just get confusing, ha!
    15. contrast
      It’s already been posted, Brum!!
    16. thfcire
      cheers for the heads up brum ,just bombed him there
    17. grandgramparabbi
      I’m just getting frustrated with all the knee-jerkers and most of the newcomers seem of such cloth so I applaud anyone who talks sense.
      Why do you think Niko isn’t playing? People say he’s not up to speed, yet. Do you think so? It was a nasty injury, after all.
    18. Luke0405
      ‘When I used the word ‘nudge’ in my last visitor’s message, I meant ‘a dig in the ribs with an elbow" kinda thing. Just wanted to clarify!’

      Haha that’s quality:laughter: Didn’t even notice until you brought it to my attention. Cheers for that, phew can you Imagen the looks I would have got…
    19. Luke0405
      Shirt looked good lol I remember looking at it as I came in. There was 4 of us in a row 2 guys directly in front of you then my mate then me. Brown hair, blue eyes, black polo shirt, tallish.

    20. Luke0405
      Would say small world but not exactly a surprise when we’re both there for the same reason :y2:

      Yeah I saw you lol I was on the same side as you two lads in black t-shirts down to your right, row in front. Voice was absolutely shot by half time so you could have been thinking ‘What the hell is that noise’ lol.
    21. Luke0405
      Haha no way! I was Block 39 row 30, seat 952 & 953 (I’m not so fat I take up 2 seats just had a mate with). Ah what, and I thought his bum point was for me alone :o11:.

      Yeah made great time, 120 down the m6 toll will do it in about 2 hours :302: Thoroughly enjoyed the day, puts the team morale in a perfect position for Wednesday night now.
    22. Luke0405
      Not impressed Brum :y8: Was in the Harvester for hours and I saw no baked goods lol. Don’t know If I would have been in a fit enough state to eat them anyway :001_005:
    23. contrast
      "I’m going to bed. Contrast, I waited for you to appear and rant, but you didn’t show. I’ll have to read your opinions tomorrow!"

      Ahem, what did this mean!? πŸ˜‰
    24. Javi
      Thanks for the happy bday Brum!:)
    25. Javi
      Hope ya feeling better Brum! Back still giving you problems?

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    May 2
    Birmingham, in the heart of England.
    Tottenham Hotspur
    Favourite Player:
    Niko Kranjcar
    Why do you support your team ?:
    Autumn 1985. Watched Tottenham lose miserably to someone. Felt sorry for them. Adopted them. Fell in love with them. Stuck with them, through thin and thin! Now, hoping for better days!
    Female. More than old enough to be someone’s mum. Brunette, brown-eyed & generously proportioned! Niko’s chief stalker!

    Football, music and otters! (it’s a long story)