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Jan 9, 2011
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County Durham, South London Exile.

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I’m ***y and I know it, from County Durham, South London Exile.

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    1. Stateside Nate
      Stateside Nate
      Not going to be online for a few days after today–just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!
    2. spursfast
      Dude, help me out on this, I’m lookin for a fulham away ticket, I didn’t make it on loyalty points soz, I know yous deal with this, thx in adv
    3. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Video of my warm-up laps at Hockenheim recently , should I put it up on the forum ?

      YouTube – ‪DTM Revival Hockenheim 2011 In My M-B 190E 3.6 0003.MTS‬‏
    4. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Hello mate ..

      Currently doing the rounds ….. Lost your locking wheel key ? … major face palm !!

      So, Dont buy a VW – Honda-Tech
    5. DarlingtonYid
      sorry mate just logged on computer

      yeah ive still got your number bud

      are you going to anymore this season ?

      in future just drop us a text if you have a spare ticket and il be more than happy to come ..
    6. DarlingtonYid
      bloody hell ive just been to stoke at home lol ….

      good to hear youre well must meet again for a drink next season
    7. Heroes
      It was fine last night. Try after 18:00 today. Good Luck :302:
    8. Heroes

      Just got your message. It’s 17:10, and I can’t log on.

      They (Pirate Poker) normally do regular maintenance.

      Should be sorted soon.

    9. DarlingtonYid
      now mate long time no speak …..

      hows you ? been getting to many games lately pal ?
    10. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Hi mate

      That putz with the ticket for sale has only given a 10 digit number …….

    11. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Hi mate ,

      Stop the PM’s to yidno1 , they are doing you no favours .

      PM me instead ?
    12. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Listen , you and me are mates . so I will say this , don’t lay into a mod for any reason .

      If you get any stick for any reason from one , do not respond .

    13. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Hello mate ,

      I took my mother to get her heart pacemaker this morning , the department at Barnet is brilliantly run with a good team of caring nurses ( I do not normally like hospitals due to a very difficult stay in one )
      The procedure took less than an hour and we left less than 5 hours after we got there . Later on she got very tired once back at her residential home , so I will go tomorrow and check up .
    14. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Hello mate ,

      you’ll never guess who is the pin-up car for this years RWYB at Retro Santa Pod ???

      Retro Show

      Me & my M-B 190 3.6
    15. midzt
      Alright mate! How was your night, good drive back?
      Sorry didn’t get give you a bell after I saw ya, went rounf with my mate to try to get him a ticket till about 5mins before KO but still couldn’t find one….
      Also I got on TV!! Haha – final whistle! 😀

    16. spursjohn
      have you got a mobile number mate and what do i call you
      Cheers John
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    County Durham, South London Exile.
    Favourite Player:
    All Yids are gods. Until they get greedy and leave.
    Why do you support your team ?:
    I started supporting Spurs in 1990 and first went to The Lane in 1994 with a family friend.

    Spurs are a fantastically frustrating team and its like a love hate relationship but more recently its more love than anything else.
    Father of 2 spurs fans, Charlie is 4 and Alfie is 1. Both are on the list for the spurs academy also.

    Watching Spurs, watching ****, arguing with wife about 1 & 2, sitting on the toilet


    Going to a Spurs game? Why not try and meet up with a few of your fellow posters. http://www.tottenhamhotspurs.tv/forum/meets/