2 mobile phone handsets for sale

Discussion in 'Market' started by madMARTINmarsh, Sep 8, 2008.

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    Feb 24, 2008
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    I should add both handsets are in perfect working order.

    1. nokia n95 8gb, in very good condition. Has been in a crystal case since I got it so has been looked after, comes with all acessories that were originally in the box i.e charger, headphones software disc etc. It is locked to the 3 network but comes with a pay n go sim card that has about £8 credit. Comes preloaded with spiderman 3 movie in HD.

    Asking £170

    2. Samsung sgh-e250, brand new in box and is unlocked to any network. comes with the choice of either an 02 pay n go sim or an orange pay n go sim.

    Asking £40

    If you buy you will also be responsible for the price of postage and packing which would be around £10

    Also please feel free to place an offer

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