Americans: Fox Soccer To Expand Services

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    FOX Soccer to launch new look August 13

    CHICAGO – FOX Soccer today unveiled a multi-platform makeover at the Cable Show trade convention, reinforcing its position as the number one soccer destination in the United States.

    The only network to offer English-language soccer coverage every day and around the clock, FOX Soccer is immediately available to fans on two cable networks, tablet and mobile devices, and via a dedicated broadband Internet streaming channel. FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus are available via cable or satellite, while is available to every American internet user.

    American soccer icon and FOX analyst Cobi Jones kicked off the launch before an excited crowd with the message that the new FOX Soccer would deliver the sport with an intensity Americans have never seen before.

    "Growing up you just couldn't find soccer on American TV," said Jones. "Now, on TV and on the internet, FOX is giving players and fans a chance to see the biggest games. With FOX Soccer, tomorrow's Clint Dempseys and Cobi Joneses will be able to see their heroes today."

    The new FOX Soccer, FOX Soccer Plus and will officially launch with the start of the Barclays Premier League season on August 13, accompanied by a dedicated iPhone app and a forthcoming iPad app. The makeover touches all aspects of FOX Soccer's production, with new shows, brash graphics, and the classic, irreverent FOX attitude.

    Jones said the new FOX Soccer would be the one-stop destination for today's fan as well as tomorrow's.

    "Long-time fans, newcomers and sports fans in general will all want to come to FOX Soccer and see this. More than anyone else, FOX is dedicated to the fans and the sport, and this commitment and passion will appeal to everyone."

    FOX Soccer general manager David Nathanson said that the new look and tighter integration with FOX's powerhouse line up of sports would help take soccer to new heights in the United States.

    "This unifies our brands and sets the stage for us to present soccer in the same fashion as every one of America's biggest sports. We and this sport have grown by leaps and bounds, and this move is just the latest sign of our ambitions for the sport in the United States."

    FOX Soccer will also begin offering bundled content, allowing cable and satellite subscribers the option of watching the games on computer and tablet devices.

    "We want people to see the best soccer games in the world wherever and whenever it is the most convenient," said Nathanson. "Our audience is smart, they want new technologies, they want the best coverage. With our mobile app and the coming iPad app, we're delivering."

    In addition to FOX Soccer's youthful look and tight integration with FOX Sports, the makeover includes bold new graphics, new studio sets, a vastly expanded website and the same hard-hitting and trusted analysis fans have come to demand.

    And that, said Jones, makes the fans the real winners.

    "They won't have to search different stations or websites to find the games," said Jones, "and they are going to see the best the sport has to offer. It's an exciting time for the sport, and for me, so great to see."

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    I'm not sure if that means they will carry more leagues and events. Hopefully they get more MLS rights, it's ridiculous when you think one of the only dedicated football channels in America doesn't really carry it's own league. I think they do like one match a week the rest are on local fox affiliate sports channels or subscription service (whatever it's called).

    Whatever, the best news is that you can stream it now. Not sure how much that will cost if anything.
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    They have FOX and its the worst stream I've ever used......14.99 a month too (IIRC).

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