BigDub's BIG Match Preview: Bremen (A)

Discussion in 'European Chat' started by BigDub, Sep 14, 2010.

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    The night we have been waiting so long for is finally here. The Champions League group stages have finally become the destination of Tottenham Hotspur FC. First, just a big thanks to Peter Crouch for his goals against Man Shitty last season and Young Boys earlier this year. Without you, Crouchy, we wouldn't be here today. Now, let's get to the important stuff.

    The key to this game lies in the Spurs' ability to control the midfield. Take notes, Tom Huddlesone. Nothing gets Spurs in more trouble than when our midfielders carelessly give the ball away or lose possession in a bad area. The passing of Tom Huddlestone will be key number one to a Spurs victory. If Hudd is able to distribute like he normally does the attacking players will find themselves free to unleash their creativity on the Bremen defense. Link up play in this match will be vital, especially given the likely absence of a second striker. The cohesion between Huddlestone and either Van Der Vaart or Modric will be key. Pav, likely the starter, relies on consistently good balls from the midfield to fully maximize his potential. It all starts with Tommy. If Hudd is on his game Spurs are a significantly better team.

    The second key, while generally an obvious one, comes in the way back. Goalkeeping is this vital aspect. The pressure on tonight's keeper is notable. This is a European match, one that we have dreamed of playing in for so long now. It all starts at the back. A keeper's ability to control the game and communicate effectively with his defenders adds a level of fluidity to play that would otherwise be absent. Having confidence in your keeper is vital for each and every defender. The ability for King and (i hope) Pletikosa to communicate well will make it significantly more difficult for the Bremen attack to be consistent. Stipe should be handed an opportunity as the confidence levels simply aren't there when Cudicini is between the pipes.

    I would like to see a lineup that goes a little like:

    ------Van Der Vaart----------

    Playing Wilson is certainly a risk but as long as Hudd is allowed to be the guy that truly controls the midfield I think it is a risk worth taking. I'm not sure Bremen will be able to deal with such a strong midfield. Couple that with the return of King and the potential of the defense to have a solid match is significant. Pav has too be involved early and often. I want to see him track back and become involved in all aspects of the match today. His laziness seems to get the better of him at times. Let's hope that time isn't now.

    I hate predicting matches like this but it is inevitable. I'm going with my heart over my head for the simple fact that we are finally in the Champions League and it would be silly to block my love of Spurs for the mere fact of being sensible. 3-2 will be the score. I expect a goal from Pav, one from Bale, and our beloved Van Der Vaart to see us through to glory with the winner.

    As always, there is no time like the present. This is what we live for...THE CHAMPIONSSSSSS!!!

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    Look who's back...hope you're well and hope we get all three points tonight...
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