BigDub's BIG Match Report: Manchester City (A)

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    The loved and loyal Yid Army,

    Usually I craft a witty and detailed introduction for my match reports. Today is a different story, though. The reason? I am simply at a loss for words. I cannot even express the feelings that I am going through right now. Therefore, I won't even try, Instead I will say that this match was one for the ages. Credit to both sides. Each team played well and had chances. It made for great football. Further credit to Steve Bennett who I thought officiated very, very well. At the end of the day our lads were the better side and completely deserved the result they got. Led by a solid defensive performance the Yiddos put in 90 minutes that will go down in Tottenham history. I don't want to waste any time so let's get in to the individual performances.

    Gomes: Obviously the pre match questions were there. Will Gomes be fit? Will he be ready to play? Well, he was fit and he was ready to play. The Brazilian did not disappoint. He commanded his area as good as ever and made several key saves, including one from a man in the same jersey as him. Gomes should be worshiped for his performance this season. He is a legend in the making and one of the greatest keepers in the prem.

    Kaboul: Younes put in another outstanding performance. It was his aggressive play that lead to our goal this evening. At the back he did not let the pace of the City attack get the best of him. All around a great performance. Charlie will have some competition next year.

    Dawson: The man wears his shirt with pride. The progress Michael has made this year makes me proud to be a Yid. It was all capped off by a clean sheet to qualify for the Champions League. Dawson has been a rock, the best player Spurs have had this season. Thank you, Daws, for all you have given us.

    King: The discussion of Dawson is a great lead-in to King. Ledley, you are our captain, our best defender, and our Legend. You are incredible, unbreakable, and worthy of an England spot. King, you were at your best once again. I hope you are the most happy person in the world right now. The team that you have given your life for has finally reached this unthinkable achievement. You deserve every bit of praise that has come your way. Ledley King: Once a Yid always a Yid.

    Benoit Assou-Ekotto: BAE has taken some hard criticism, from myself included. But today, sporting the new goatee, he played a great game. The best part of BAE's game is that he values the clearance. Whenever under pressure he understands that clearing his lines is never a bad thing. You can never complain when a defender does this. In addition to being smart BAE played 2 great back heels, in the defensive third no less. Great game, Benny.

    Lennon: Quiet game from Aaron, but him being in the game was difference enough. The name Lennon on its own carries much fear for opponents. Even though Lennon was not his normal self, he must be credited for perservering and surviving as long as he did.

    Modric: Modric was not electric, but he played a key role in this one. When needed Luka was always around the ball. When the ball moved into unexpected areas he was there to posses or make a clean pass. There were several moments when I thought that city would grab possession and move forward, but Modric was there at the right time to make sure that didnt happen. Well played, Luka.

    Huddlestone: The passing was once again clutch from Tommy. His feeds to the wide players was quite nice. Additionally he came in and made some key tackles and stopped play at important times. I will say I was a bit disappointed in Hudd for lashing out and getting that Yellow. I thought, had he kept his cool, that would have easily been a yellow for city. Oh well...whats done is done. Great season, Tommy.

    Bale: More marauding runs from Bale in this one. He made key plays when key plays needed to be made. Credit to Zabaleta who I thought played a pretty decent game. But Bale played fine as well. Made some key crosses and continued to be dangerous throughout. I wish the box score showed a little more on his behalf, but nice performance from Gareth.

    Defoe: Jermain was quiet yet important. We are at our best when Defoe is on the pitch, plain and simple. He is small yet strong, shifty, and has great awareness on the pitch. He still gets caught offside too often but other than that is immense. He feeds well off of the target man and always is looking to score. I honestly hope Defoe is back next year playing forward for us. At the end of the day he is a Yid through and through

    Crouch: I am not saying this because I am a huge Crouch fan, but Peter Crouch was the best player on the field tonight. He was active throughout the game, making himself important and winning countless headers. He was dangerous and only the post kept him out early. People overlook a few aspects of Crouchys game, the most important being the great defense he provides when the opposition has a corner. Today he was great. He deserved to be the difference maker. I think it is time, lads, that each and ever Spurs fan realizes the skill that Crouch brings to the table. He is a valuable member to any side. Great as a substitute and can also be used well as a starter.

    Finally, a HUGE round of applause for our Harry. In one year he has taken us from bottom feeders to Champions League qualifiers. I will never be able to thank you enough, Harry. You take way more criticism than you deserve. At the end of the day you are the best English manager in football and deserve this spot more than anyone else. I just thank you for deciding to come to the greatest club in the world.

    Lads. I want to write more. I just can't . I am too happy to type any more and wouldn't even know what to say. I will say this, though.

    At the end of every season Tottenham fans are left saying "well, there is always next season." My friends, this year there is no need for that phrase. We have done it. After the long hard road that has been before us from the days of Martin Jol, we find ourselves the 4th best team in England (maybe in 3rd). A team fully worthy and deserving of going to the Champions League. We have done it lads, and I, for one, could not be prouder. Prouder of our players, of our coaches, our administration, and, most importantly, of our fans. Today is the greatest day in a long while to be a Yid. I am just happy that I am one.

    Yid Army for life.

    Yours always,

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    Excellent report bigdub...Many thanks for that and i agree entirely with everything you wrote.
    Words fail me as well but that was spot on
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    Thanks for the report! I had to work, argh!

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