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    A little early with this thread but I was reading a nice little article about us being seeded in pot 2 thanks to Arsenal & Chelsea;)
    It’s all done via Co-efficiency, and as it stood we were 19th in Europe, with the top 16 making up pots 1 & 2 and so on...As the two muppets above failed to qualify along with Zeint St Petersburg we are the 16th ranked team, nice...all those years in the Europa haven’t gone to waste then!!
    PS...Liverpool are in pot 3:thumb:
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    Liverpool’s pot is TBD actually. Pot 3 if Benfica makes it otherwise pot 2. Benfica drew 1-1 to PAOK at home in the first leg.
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    We are sitting on 67 points with the UEFA Coefficient. That puts us behind Napoli (78) and ahead of Roma (64) and Liverpool (62) so we are safely in Pot 2 this year. Benfica has 80, so if they get past PAOK they will knock Liverpool down into Pot 3.

    You can actually make a lot of points in Europa but you have to go deep. We won our Champions league group (4-2-0) and got a draw away to Juventus in the Round of 16, for which we collected 21 points. Not bad. We actually got the most points of anyone getting out of group! Arse on the other hand I think lost the Europa final, for which they also scored 21 points. Not sexy, but points is points. Real Madrid won the Champions League and only scored a measly 32 points because they lost too many games (pat ourselves on the back folks). Atletico Madrid won Europa and got 28. So you can get Champions League points by playing Europa.

    5 years ago we got 15 points in Europa. I think that was when we made the quaterfinals? and lost to Basel. Those points will go away after this season so we have to get out of group this year or we'll lose ground. Even if we do we will only net a couple points unless we can make a deep run. As you can see, we are only 3 points into safe Pot 2 so we need to get out of group or we're back in Pot 3 next year. It may happen anyway since Roma and Liverpool got 0 points 5 years ago so they literally have nothing to lose and may jump 10-20 points. We'd have to make the CL finals to match that. So root for Benfica to win and Liverpool to get a group of death.

    Things get better after this season. We got 9 points 4 years ago, 12 (knockout stages EL) 3 years ago, and 10 (crashed out of CL) 2 years ago so we have lots of points to make up if we can keep getting out of group. But we have to do better than 5 years ago first. High UEFA coefficients comes from consistency, not a single run so we have to continue being consistent. Pot 2 is hard to come by. We need to be thankful of the work we did in Europa and take advantage of it this season.
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    Arse lost in the semis to Atletico.

    It was Atletico v Marseille in the final.

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