Cudacini vs Castellazzi

Discussion in 'European Chat' started by brainiac, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Oct 19, 2010
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    Cesar out with an Injury & Gomes out with a ban sets up an interesting predicament between the sticks at both ends.

    Cudacini will start for Spurs & I imagine Castellazzi will start for Inter (he replaced Cesar in the last game against Racing) their other keeper Paolo Orlandoni has only appeared 4 times in 5 years for them.

    Castellazzi has only 1 appearance under his belt so far for Inter after transferring from sampdoria in june this year. Will he be nervous? Hope so, its a big deal for him & that pressure could do us a favour. Whilst Cudacini will be drawing on a glut of experience in high profile matches to sooth his nerves.

    With Castellazzi only 2.5 inches away from Crouch in height its gonna be interesting to see what the big man can do against him when we start launching in his direction.
    So much talk about Inter shutting up shop and camping its hard to see our tactics going any other way tbh.

    Either way the battle of the second string keepers should be an interesting side dish & add to the occasion.

    Im Gomes biggest fan but tonight I'm all up for getting behind Carlo & wish him good fortune.

  2. CmonyouSpurs Well-Known Member

    Nov 14, 2008
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    Castellazzi was a regular for Sampdoria last season and they finished in 4th place in Serie A, so I can assure he's no slouch. I doubt he'll be nervous either, because he already played a Champions' League game this season. Julio Cesar went off injured against Werder Bremen earlier on in the group stage and Castellazzi replaced him.

    I'd just like to say a little word regarding how hard Cudicini has worked in the last year or so. If you recall, this time last year he was involved in a horrible motor accident and was headed to hospital with supposedly career-ending injuries. Yet, he managed to fight them off and started doing light ball work last February, eventually earning himself a new contract with the club last May. Now, here he is, about to start our biggest home game in goodness knows how long. Well done Cudicini!! :clap:
  3. bradders Legend!

    Jan 14, 2010
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    in his day i honestly think cudicini was the best in the prem league and can remember saying to a work mate when cech first went to chelscum that i hope we go for him, we did, but left it to long imho. i think as a backup to gomes we have a damn fine goalie that just needs to get somwe confidence back and get over that injury form the bike crash
  4. Irish Yid Pavlyuchenko Well-Known Member

    Irish Yid Pavlyuchenko
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    Cudicini was the best at his trade, He wasn't a Casillas, but he was very close, He's one of the hardest working players we have

    WE ALL DREAM OF A TEAM OF CUDICINI'S.. Actually on second thought, 11 Gk's running about would be bad.. hmm ;)

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