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    Hi I'm Darryl only really registered today to ask a a favour of Spurs fans.

    I'm a Liverpool fan as you can probably see by my user name.

    Its Hilsborough related help I need.

    Maybe in time we can form a question and answers debate between this forum and the one I frequent in the build up to matches between Liverpool & Spurs.

    Thank you.

    Heres my question and if a moderator or user with privellages could make a thread for me it would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Guys I'm here today asking for your help Annie Williams needs signatures to have an Inquest opened about her son Kevins death at Hillsborough.

    Footballing rivalries aside, its about loss of life. No one deserves to go to a game and not come home let alone a 15 year old boy.

    Please take 5 minutes to read Annies Story & think what if this was your son, sister, brother, father, mother you'd want closure, wouldn't you ?

    [news=E-petition: Give Kevin Williams his inquest]

    KEVIN WILLIAMS died in the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 and his mother Anne is still trying to get justice for her son. Could he have lived if the ambulances lined up outside the ground had been allowed in? As mentioned on Episode 24 of The Anfield Wrap, an e-petition is nearing the end of its allotted time and needs a massive boost to get up towards the required 100,000 signatures. Please sign it, confirm the email you’ll get back and pass the link on to everyone you know.

    The official ruling after Hillsborough was that all the victims were dead or brain dead by 3.15pm due to “traumatic asphyxia” but Anne has evidence that Kevin was still alive at 4pm, that he was seen breathing and with a pulse and that he even cried out to a woman police officer for his mum after the 3.15pm cut-off. It’s a terrible story in itself – but the story gets worse because it still hasn’t been told in the way it should be, at an inquest, because someone decided nothing that happened after 3.15pm made a difference to the eventual deaths of the 96 victims.

    Had Kevin been given oxygen between 3.15pm and 4pm, would he still be here today? That’s why Anne wants an inquest. She explains some of the problems she’s faced – and using the word “problem” is an understatement – alongside the e-petition calling once more for an inquest for her son:

    Give Kevin Williams his inquest under section 13 of the Coroner’s Act; we have all the evidence under this section but keep getting refused.

    Kevin’s inquests were riddled with corruption, suppressing of vital evidence and perverting the course of JUSTICE.

    Kevin did not die from traumatic asphyxia or in an accident. I will not pick up his death certificate until we get the cause of death put right and the accidental death verdict struck down.

    Kevin does not relate to the 3.15pm cut off point.

    I want a new inquest where all the witnesses will be called to give evidence so the jury will know exactly what happened to Kevin at Hillsborough. I have all the evidence under section 13 of the Coroner’s Act and have been refused three times by the Attorney General’s office.

    I want the Attorney General to look at the evidence again and send Kevin’s case back to the divisional court recommending a new inquest into the death of my son.

    Please sign the e-petition, it closes in two weeks and so your signature is needed now, not tomorrow, if you can just spare five minutes. You can even sign it using your mobile phone or tablet browser if that’s what you’re reading this on.

    Remember – you must follow the instructions in the email you get after signing the petition. If you don’t do this your signature doesn’t count. If you’ve not had the email within about half an hour of signing then you should probably try again with a different email address. You can always sign up for a free email address from Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo if the email doesn’t come through to your normal email address for some reason.

    He was 15 when he died. 15. He died 22 years ago. Please spare 5 minutes and spare Anne any more time waiting for some justice.

    Give Kevin Williams his inquest under section 13 of the coroners Act, we have all the evidence under this section but keep getting refused. - e-petitions

    And if you can – please spread the word.[/news]

    Thank you people.
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    hi and a massive warm welcome

    enjoy your time here
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    signed it.

    All the best - off the pitch

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    Hi RedLFCBlood

    I really feel for Anne as most of my family are from Liverpool, and I lost a cousin to the Hilsborough disaster to. I didn't know him as I was very young myself but I do know his mother and father. I will be signing this right away and spreading the word via facebook to.

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