[OMT] Newcastle A [PL] Sat 11th Aug 2018 12:35 BST

Discussion in 'Match Day Chat' started by AlabamaSpur, Aug 9, 2018.

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    I understand the pessimism on here due to Imo a poor transfer window, I would love to have us winning or challenging for the title right up to the last week of the season. There is no harm in dreaming/hoping that this could be so, after all To dare is to do.

    However I think we need to be realistic when judging performances especially at the start of the season. I agree that it wasn't the polished performance we are all hoping to see and my heart was in my mouth every time Newcastle attacked down our right hand side, but guys it's the first week, many of our key players have been unable to participate in pre season due to their involvement in the World Cup( btw, who'd have thought we would have been the team with the most players in the latter stages of the World Cup, just shows how far we have come) and we still have a few injuries, this I believe will mean that we will not be match fluent until start of September, when if not before Harry will start banging in the goals. Jan and Lloris played very well and it's nice to see Dele making his ghosting runs again. Imo we should gratefully take the 3 points, and as many likeminded fans on here have done, identify the issues that need improvement (positional defending, accurate forward passing), but also realise most of the issues will be remedied over the next few weeks when the team has had time to gel. So in the meantime getting positive results now is so important to make sure we don't lose touch of top 4.
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    Pretty sure he's stating they have a better defence than last season due to not having a total liability in goals.

    He's totally correct about challenging for the title however. Of course we aren't good enough. Top 4 will be a good achievement.
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    I am thrilled that we won. I really thought we would drop points in this game.

    Really not a bad performance given so many of our players just came back to training.

    Lloris MOTM by a country mile. I thought Vert was very good, too.

    Aurier's defense is still a disaster. I think we desperately need to move to a back 3 to protect our right flank, as we know Trippier is not a great defender either (though better than Aurier). Credit to Aurier for his wonderful cross though.

    Sanchez made some good plays but also some dodgy ones.

    Moura and Kane were completely MIA. Very disappointed with Moura given his great preseason. Still have high hopes for him.

    Dembele and Son came on and improved the team.

    Sissoko not as crap as he usually he is, but still makes me throw up in my mouth when I think about him starting PL games for us.
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