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    I am from Switzerland and a supporter of the Grasshopper Club Zurich. This team was very popular between the 70's and 90's, for example....

    1978: UEFA Cup semi-finals (out against Bastia)
    1995: Champions League (in the group with Real Madrid, Ajax)
    1997: Champions League (3-0 against Glasgow Rangers (with Gascoigne)) :y16:

    Nowadays, they are not very successfull (last Championship in 2003). But a lot of young players which are from GCZ are now playing in Germany and Italy.

    This year, all players, staff and supporters celebrate the 125th birthday. The Grasshopper Club is still the most successfull team in the history of Swiss football (they have won the Swiss Championship 27 times and Swiss Cup 18 times).

    Now, all supporters are waiting for a new football stadium in Zurich. Just a small one, for 18'000 people (average of fans in the stadium: between 6000 and 7000) :y15:
    But we are waiting since 2001, and if we're lucky, we will have a new one in 2017...

    Since many years, the Grasshopper Club has financial difficulties: They have no own stadium, so they have to play in an Athletics Stadium (which was built for EURO 2008). The city council of Zurich requires a lot of rent, and the club can't pay it any longer. So, what is the reaction of the city council: Exactly, they won't reduce the rent. They are simply incompetent.

    The only solution for the club is to leave the city of Zurich. For me, this is a big scandal. That's just impossible. Imagine this (I now, this example is a bit strange): The Spurs are in the same situation, and now they have to leave London and play in Manchester or somewhere else.


    I am very sad about this and very angry about the city council of Zurich.

    (And now a big sorry for my mistakes) :y15:

    Greets, Mitch

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