Thoughts on the team of 2009/2010 and the future.

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    All these are my personal opinions and if facts are incorrect its because im mentally ill with schizofrenia (not ashamed about it, nobody in here knows me anyway) and a bit confused at times.

    Lets begin.

    The summer of 2009, silly season.

    Some comments on our transfers.

    *Kyle Walker and Kyle Naughton from Sheffield United. Funny coincidence, same first name, recruited from the same club, I always hung up on things like that. I have this conspiracy theory that 2 players who come from the same club at the same time are gay. Ibrahimovic went to Barca with a teammate, same there. I know its not true but still I cant shrug it off. By the way, I have nothing against gay people at all, their sex is just disgusting. Have nothing to add about these two kids, havent seen them play expect Naughton a couple of minutes on that tour in China, they showed it on TV here in Sweden. Nice. I trust the management that these are promising players for the future.

    *Jimmy Walker. Totally dumbfounded as to why we recruited this veteran goalkeeper. Maybe they dont trust Ben Alnwick? If so, why dont we get rid of him? Sometimes our transfers chock me, like when we bought Danny Murphy from Charlton, couldnt understand that one either.

    *Sebastien Bassong. When he scored against Liverpool in the opener I came up with a little melody for him for his heroics: "Hes big, hes strong, hes Sebastien Bassong, this is a little song, for Sebastien Bassong". I think he looks reliable and a good 3rd or 4th choice when injuries set in. Glad we got him, we could have still had Anthony Gardner as 3rd or 4th choice, think about it.

    *Niko Kranjcar. Another funny one. He is about as old as Modric, they play (often) in the same position, for the same country and the same club. Its insane. Although for next season if I were Harry id sell Bentley and have Kranjcar as backup for Lennon on the right. Otherwise, brilliant player, intelligent with a good brain. Can play some beautiful stuff and fits perfectly at Spurs. Hope he will stay for long.

    The wait.

    As soon as the fixture list got out I counted the days to the premiere against Pool. I go out to the woods behind my building to walk every day and all I thought about was "15 days till the game", "14 days till the game" etc. I also thought like this "im dreaming of 3 points, I realistically believe in 1 point, but its Liverpool so im ready that we get 0 points". We got all 3 and I was in seventh heaven. My best mate is Liverpool so nice to have the bragging rights for once.

    Ups and downs.

    Tottenham 9 Wigan 1.

    This one springs to my mind instantly. I was at home alone, a bit down and didnt look forward to the game that much. When the goals started rolling in I was more and more chocked, when we got 5-1 I thought "another 5-1 victory this season, sweet", then they did 6-1 and 7-1 and I couldnt believe my eyes. That freekick from Bentley was insane.

    Tottenham 2 Arsenal 1.

    I was so scared of this game I didnt watch it. Seen the highlights and Danny Roses goal was a classic, cant believe he scored like that, who gets goals like that, its sick. Gomes also was a true hero this game, maybe here (probably earlier though) he booked his place to SA2010.

    Tottenham 2 Chelsea 1.

    Remember when Chelsea were our boogie team? Not anymore, we got something like 3 wins and 1 draw at home against them in the last four seasons if im correct. Magic to beat Arsenal and Chelsea the same week, didnt even dream that we could do it. Again, was too afraid to watch the game, I get physically and mentally ill when watching Spurs, it gets harder every season. When we are 2-0 up I can relax a little bit. It dont matter though, the lads are in my heart 100% of the time anyway, I dont always have to watch them.

    Manchester City 0 Tottenham 1.

    Again, didnt watch it. Too important game. Flicked on text tv in the morning and clenched my fist, we are in the CL and its so great I dont even know how to feel. Mostly I feel confused, are we really in the CL? Now the negative and pessimistic thoughts set in, now I think well lose in the qualifiers. Did get my hopes up a couple of days ago when I read that we are seeded. Fingers crossed.

    FA-cup road to Wembley.

    The road to Wembley was long and filled with exciting games and replays. I had a positive feeling throughout and really felt this was our season. When Leeds scored that 2-2 penalty at the Lane all I thought was "it dont matter, we will 100% beat them at Elland Road", and we did. Saw 70-80 minutes of that semi against Portsmouth but it got so exciting I turned off. Typically, they beat us. Its the classic scenario of taking poor opposition too lightly IMO. We should have been at that final, when we drew Portsmouth I clenched my fist and thought "YES!", but it wasnt to be. Still we have 8 of those cups, weve proved were a great cup team so it dont bother me too much.

    Individual players.

    Heurelho Gomes.

    Hero. This season Gomes has proved he is a top goalkeeper. Fantastic saves all season and I cant come up with any major errors. He seems to get along great with the fans (I was at the Stoke game and he got ovations when he got to the pitch) like Robinson so thats nice too. Seems a positive character and its great hes at the WC2010. Imagine if hed start for Brazil (or Sandro), Spurs would have a starting internation for the best team in WC history. Magic.

    Carlo Cudicini.

    Good to have as backup. Some paper called him "the most unambitious player in England". Funny. He is rather good though.

    Alan Hutton.

    Not impressed. Cost us a huge sum and is average. Enough said.

    Vedran Corluka.

    Not so good at going forward like fullbacks should do in the "modern game". Good defensively but will he have that RB slot in the future. Maybe this Naughton kid will overtake him? Still, I like "Charlie", its nice we have 3 Croatian internationals. Its like we are a Croatian colony. Funny.

    Benoit Assou-Ekotto.

    Im proud we have Ekotto and Bassong, we might have Cameroons starting leftback and centreback in our squad. That is cool, have we ever had as many internationals in the WC as we have now? I dont think so. This proves our squads superiority, we ARE better than Liverpool, Man City, Everton and Villa. Fact. Read some funny bit about Ekotto being a bit weird and a funny character, it was posted here. This season I believe Ekotto has taken a step in the right direction in his progression as a footballer. Maybe he will never become a Maldini but he is a great squad player. If I were Harry though, Id move Bale permanently to left midfield and get a new leftback in, someone better than Ekotto.

    Ledley King.

    Theres nothing to add about King except this:

    Born is the King
    The King of White Hart Lane
    Long may he reign
    Ledley King is his name

    Great to see him at the WC if he makes the 23 man squad. Without injuries IMO he would be better than Rio and Terry.

    Sebastien Bassong.

    Good squad player, great gamewinning goal against Liverpool. I do doubt a players ability however when they have taken the drop with their team (Newcastle in this case), but Bassong seems quality, great squad player. Certainly better than when we bought Chris Perry from relegated Wimbledon, those were dark days.

    Michael Dawson.

    When he came to Spurs he always had a smile on his face, you could see he 100% loved to play and to play for Spurs. Maybe the pressures of PL football have taken to him a bit cause you dont always see that smile anymore. Still, when he puts it on I become glad. He did cause that penalty against Leeds in the last minute but other than that hes done no horrible mistakes. Because of Kings and Woodgates injuries you could say Dawson is first choice CB. Quality player.

    Jonathan Woodgate.

    Can you imagine Woodgate has played for Real Madrid, im not saying hes a bad player but it did chock me when Real bought him. "Not another injury prone player" I thought when we bought him and yes, he has been injured much. A shame because he is world class, that is why Real bought him. Without injuries he starts for us, its that simple, same with Ledley.

    Younes Kaboul.

    Seemed promising when we bought him, someone for the future and with an eye for goal. Then we sell him to Pompey, then we buy him back. Whats the matter with us? Could turn out great.

    David Bentley.

    Flop. Ridiculous money for a 2nd choice right midfielder. It irritates me that he has represented Arsenal too. Would have Lennon/Kranjcar on the right next season and sell Bentley. He did score a nice one against Arsenal a couple of years back though, I will remember him for that, just like Edmans goal against Liverpool at Anfield Road.

    Tom Huddlestone.

    Massively improved player this season. Jenas has absolutely no chance of breaking into our midfield with the Hudd and Wilson there (and Sandro next season). His right foot shot is immense, like a cannon. Can he improve on his accuracy with his shot he can become a scorer of great goals regularly. A bit like that Darron Gibson at Man Utd or whats his name. I dont see him being relatively slow being that much of a problem either.

    Aaron Lennon.

    My personal hero. He cost us only £1m. I ask people, who would you rather have? Lennon for £1m, Walcott for £12m or Wright Phillips for £24m? The answer is pretty obvious to everybody. When we lost him to injury it hit us bigtime. Important player for us and I am grateful I have the chance of following Aarons career closely week in week out (if I can watch the games that is).

    Jermaine Jenas.

    He was promising when we bought him, you could see glimpses of quality, however, now he has taken steps back in his progression. He is ballshy it seems, he hides and doesnt want the ball. Sometimes you dont even notice hes playing. He is more of a track & field athlete than a footballer IMO. Sell in the summer.

    Wilson Palacios.

    Mighty first when we got him, then that tragic thing with his brother happened and he hasnt been himself ever since. Still a good player and I for one hope that Sandros added competition for places in the team can bring out another dimension in Wilsons play. Since Davids left we have lacked a quality bulldog in the middle, Zokora wasnt that good. Now we have one. Love to see Palacios tackle, it feels good.

    Luka Modric.

    In my mind, us getting a CL spot for next season saved us from having to sell Modric. Most players use clubs as stepping stones to greener pastures, do not for a second think a player loves the club as much as you. Modric will stay, I believe, for as long as we play in the CL. This player is world class and sometimes breathtaking to watch. His goal against Everton was pure genious.

    Niko Kranjcar.

    How we only paid 2-3 million for this kid is strange. He looks more like a player worth 15 million. I wonder how long he will be content with being a squad player? Hopefully long. As long as we are succesfull I believe he will stay.

    Danny Rose.

    Only thing ive seen with him is his goal against Arsenal. Legendary piece of football magic.

    Roman Pavlyuchenko.

    I doubted his ability but he showed at the second half of the season that he is quality and a lethal finisher. Hope we can keep him, but cant say I blame him if he leaves us to get more playing time.

    Robbie Keane.

    I think he is finished at Spurs. 100+ goals for the club and he should be saluted as a hero. I have his shirt hanging in my window and will never take it down. Keane is a player who cant stand sitting on the bench and that is why he will leave in the summer.

    Peter Crouch.

    I dont like the way we often play when Crouch is on the pitch, he is pretty good with his feet, you dont always have to play longballs to him. Its irritating. My philosophy is that the goalkeeper should play to a defender, then he passes on to a midfield who sets up the strikers. Maybe its not realistic, I dont care. Hate longballs. Crouch is quality though and I am grateful for that goal against City away.

    Eidur Gudjohnsen.

    Havent seen him play. Never been impressed by him before.

    Jermain Defoe.

    I call him "the little magician". He has always been a scorer of great goals, now this season he has also become a great goalscorer. Love him and hope he stays with us for long and has a good WC.

    Other positives.

    *The new stadium.

    It seems to be underway and I hope it beats that Emirates crap building. I hope the seats will be as close to the pitch as they can. Sad to leave WHL but its a necessity.

    *Me being at WHL. After 12 hard years as Spurs I finally could afford to travel to London and see my team. I have published a report of that travel elsewhere on this site.

    Now im bored and cant come up with any more boring shit to write that no one will read anyway. If read the whole shit: im impressed LOL.

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    Best team I've seen in years. In true Tottenham style, we can still beat Man City away and then throw a game after going 2-0 up (*Burnley). In a way, we had luck, eg Liverpool fooking up etc
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    F*ck me 424 style!

    U must ave some time on your hands.

    I think u shuld be given an award for that!!!

    P.S U missed out Crouch in the review of the tranfer windows ;)
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    Disagree on your points about Zokora, Hutton and Gudjohnsen I'm afraid.

    Zokora - Yeh the opposition knew he couldn't score for toffee, but he made some excellent runs through the centre to push the attack forward and he always put his full shift in and never complained. A model footballer IMHO.

    Hutton - I don't understand people when they say 'he's sh*t'. I'm not seeing what you see from him because there's nothing wrong anyway. He has pace going forward and likes to link up with Lennon just like Charlie so what's everyone's problem!!??

    Gudjohnsen - Adds some pace to the attack and is a great playmaker. Inspires Pav and Defoe if you ask me.

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