Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 Wigan Athletic

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    Right, that's it, I've had enough. Five games in, the league table all official, and we are rooted to the bottom.

    A side incapable of creating. Formations and tactics that boggle the mind. A club hell bent on wringing every conceivable penny out of the transfer market. The most shocking of starts to the season. Supporters built-up to an - again - unrealistic level of optimism. And, most damning perhaps, a set of displays as inept as I've had the displeasure to watch for a good long time.

    These are troubled, troubled times at White Hart Lane. Make no mistake.

    This latest no score bore against what was a Wigan side much poorer than I'd expected did nothing to inspire confidence that the corner is about to be turned.

    This match was so devoid of entertainment and excitement I feel obliged to spend more time commenting on what has gone wrong.

    I should, though, spend some time documenting my thoughts on this latest encounter. Who'd have thought a draw at home to Wigan totally devoid of goals would end up doubling our points tally for the season?

    The omens were not great. A strange sort of selection again with BAE at left back, Bale pushed up to left wing, but worst of the lot, Zokora playing right back again. Clearly his worst position, even on this season's rare showings.

    In a first half lacking much in the way of good football, Bent created one for himself by harrying the defender, but Kirkland smothered easily. At the other end Gomes saved at full stretch from a long range half-volley.

    An insipid first half performance from Bentley did for him as he was soon replaced by Lennon, while Campbell's exploits from the UEFA Cup encounter had already been rewarded with a second half substitution for Pavlyuchenko.

    Between the two of them they created our most effective attacks of the second half. Lennon gave us the running and pace we had totally lacked in the first half, and while not called upon to cross, he did have one very notable appeal for a penalty turned out. Looked cast iron to me.

    He also went close with a shot that zipped wide of the post, while Wigan created a few openings, although none that seemed to really worry.

    So with no goals, a single point, and yet another disappointing performance, what has gone wrong? Where do we go from here?

    It makes for stupendous reading really. With the funds lavished on the team what are we doing rooted to the bottom of the table? More than a little its to do more with those who have left White Hart Lane than those who have arrived. The absence of Keane and Berbatov is plain for all to see, but the lack of trusted Premier League experience in the likes of Malbranque, Tainio and even (perish the thought) Chimbonda is exposing Spurs this season, and shockingly so.

    So far the newcomers have made little impact. With the exception of Gomes (who threw in a little foible of his own earlier in the week), the contributions have been far from telling.

    The worst offender of the lot appears to be Bentley. At the princely sum paid for him we are right to expect much better. His pace is lacking, his ability to beat players all but non-existent, and, most crucially, the reason for which we spalshed out, his delivery, from open play or set pieces, absolutely shocking.

    I don't want it to seem like I'm singling him out, but of the new faces he has Premier League experience, and yet all he reminds me of at the moment is Ruel Fox. Flattering to deceive.

    Of course, he is not alone. The performances across the broad are spectacularly poor. At the two full back positions we are totally incapable. With Hutton injured we've pressed numerous players into the role and none have really delivered. The best of the lot actually appears to have been Jenas for the short time he filled in at Stamford Bridge.

    At centre half, while Woodgate has been dependable enough, doubts remain over who partners him on a regular basis. Corluka did enough today to suggest he is capable, if not exemplary as King at his best.

    In the centre of the pitch we lack bite and creativity. Shocking when you consider that's what's so essential in that position. Modric has shown glimpses of what may be to come, but finds himself on the injury list. Jenas seems not to know where, or when, he'll be playing. Huddlestone has been almost undeniably woeful from the bench. On the wings we seem unsure of who to press into the left side, and while Bentley's poor form is well documented, only Lennon has offered some glimpses of promise - although his delivery appears to have improved little.

    As for the striking positions, well, we know Bent can't play on his own and has been too isolated by tactics that have left a gap much too large between the midfield and the attackers. Pavlyuchenko has shown determination but its obvious he'll take time to adapt. And Campbell, though willing, needs much smoothing around the edges - at which point he'll promptly return to Old Trafford anyway.

    And the management? Well, while Ramos appeared to deliver tactical astuteness on our way to the League Cup, he has singularly failed to display his famed football brain this season. He must shoulder a significant portion of the blame, as must those in his management team.

    It all smacks of a club in crisis. Yes, I have used that word and I see no reason not to. We are a shambles off the pitch, and more crucially on it. It is difficult to see where the goals, and therefore the points will come from.

    Certainly this cannot have been the vision when Martin Jol was replaced a year ago. Perhaps a reminder is required for Daniel Levy and co? The business of a football club is football. Not merchandising, not transfer window brinkmanship, not clever media snippits, not clever management structures. Football.

    Where from here? Well, Newcastle. Defeat to what is possibly the only club in a more shambolic position - at least off the field - than our own, would hasten the demise - should hasten the demise - of many currently incumbent at Tottenham Hotspur.
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    We did double our points tally!!!
  3. MyGoula New Member

    Jul 15, 2008
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    God we are in shambles WHY GOD, WHY?
  4. spurs09 New Member

    Aug 27, 2008
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    wigan looked very comftable. we are at home and never even looked like scoring.

    very frustrating
  5. costa New Member

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    Let's look on the bright side.
    Things going to change for the better soon.
    Shaman costa.
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    bottom of the table. Pathetic for spurs...
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    Exactly how i saw the game too, we were sh1t and thats being unfair to the brown stuff anyone who saw positives from the game must have been dreaming durring this pathetic display from the team.
    Agreed with the Bentley remarks, he looks shocking a real let down so far, Ramos again to take a large chunk of the blame for his stupid tactics that has players out of position, why does he do this?????
    I want my money back after a day wasted in Tottenham.

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