West Ham Super Mosque - Proposed Use for old West Ham Stadium

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    Hi All

    A mate of mine in Newham Council has told me that Wet Sham are in negotiations with Sainsburys to buy their rotten old ground BUT that they were facing problems over car parking, traffic, the price, a loss of 'community use' and above all the impact on local shops and the market.

    HOWEVER the council have apparently also very recently had interest from the wealthy Middle Eastern and local backers of the proposed 'East London Super Mosque'. They apparently lost out on sites near the Olympic Stadium and another nearby at Three Mills and the council are anxious to accommodate and appease them.

    The Supermosque are seriously considering the West Ham ground because it is an ideal location and size for their requirements and it could lend itself to being affordably converted and roofed. There's supposed to be a good chance of them getting it because of the money behind the deal (to immediately pay-off the council's subsidy), the Supermosques two previous lost deals (which have drawn accusations of Islamaphobia), the negative impact of a superstore on the existing shops and the continued Community Use of the site which obviously lies in the very heart of the Asian community. Sounds like it ticks a lot of boxes don't you think?! :eek:10:

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    Maybe this was discussed with OPLC and maybe this is why the got the ground.

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