We want to continue to grow SSS into an active community for Tottenham Fans worldwide. These rules are in place so that all members can enjoy their time here. Some of the basic’s which we feel should be mentioned first :

  • User name changes must be requested through a moderator and maybe approved or rejected under their discretion.
  • We have measures in place to automatically detect multipule accounts so if you are found with more than one all accounts will be perm banned , multiple accounts can be used to deceive , belittle and potentially defraud other members hence the reason for ONE account only.If you find your self locked out of your member account do not sign up again, there is a contact form at the bottom of the forum or at the top of the homepage to tell us what the problem is.

Terms of Posting

This is a brief notice of which explains that should you ever become upset and wish to leave the forum you have no right to ask for your posts to be removed, you may ask for your personal details to be removed from your account and posts but the content will remain on the forum, this is to protect the forum, its structure and its databases….See below. By displaying or publishing (“posting”) any content on or through the community forum or submitting a Guest Article for publication, you hereby grant to the company royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, and display all content, remarks, suggestions, ideas, graphics, or other information submitted, to the site owner through this site and to incorporate any submission in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed. will not be required to treat any submission as confidential, and may use any submission in its business (including without limitation, for products or advertising) without incurring any liability for royalties or any other consideration of any kind, and will not incur any liability as a result of any similarities that may appear in future company operations.”

1) Be Respectful

Treat other members as you would have them treat you. This means no flaming, insulting, or belittling other members HOWEVER………we are well aware that what some people may see as offensive others may not, because of this we often referrer to the quote "Just because your offended, does not mean you are right. It just means you are offended." Moderators will consider every report but the conciquences of those reports are confidencial , the reporter and the reportee will never know the outcome of said report unless we feel it may affect the community in a large perspective.

2) Stay on Topic

Posts in a thread should not deviate from the original topic. For a new discussion, make a separate post.

3) No inappropriate language or images

Avoid vulgar, racist, and facist comments, as well as swearing. We have a Zero Profanity policy. There is an automatic censor, but that does not mean anything it misses is necessarily acceptable. The censor should never have to be used, as appropriate language should be used initially. Do not post p0rnographic, violent, gory, or otherwise offensive graphics or links. Images should be scaled down as necessary to maintain a consistent and readable forum layout.

4) No Spamming

Spamming is a broad term. Spamming includes unauthorized advertising, unproductive and useless posting, post-padding, empty posts, referral and associate links, pyramid schemes, etc. This forum runs an absolute no self promotion policy, if you wish to advertise to our members you should do it through the correct channels and purchase advertising from the site. Any self promo or spammed advertisements are and will be submitted to the spam index which could potentially put a black mark against your site around the entire web. * Please note short posts that mean nothing and add nothing to the forum, things like “i agree” will not count as a post and could be seen as post count bumping , there is a useful feature called “thanks/like” which tells someone you’ve read and liked their post, there is no need to write “thanks” or “i agree”……be creative and write a decent reply.

5) Keep Things Legal

Any discussion, links, or information on hacking, cracking, serial numbers, pirating, warez, or any other illegal matters is not allowed.

6) No Avatar or Custom Title Abuse

Avatars and custom titles are subject to Rule 3. Titles may not contain “Banned”, “Administrator”, “Moderator”, or any of their abbreviations.

7) Signatures must adhere to the following specifications:

* Text signatures may not exceed 15 lines in size 1, or 8 lines in size 2. Text size 3 and above is not allowed. Text size 1 may only be used with a graphic, with no more than 8 lines.
  • The combined size of all images in a sig is a maximum of 468×120. Please keep the file sizes small for loading times.
  • Any scripts that display a user’s IP address and browser information are not allowed.
  • Signatures are subject to Rule 3.

8 ) Restricted Sections of the forum:

There are a couple of sections of the forum which are not accessible until the member reaches 10 posts, this is to protect the current members and keep spam down to a minimum, this also allow the forum to grow a little and make posts a higher level, the forum offers alot of features for free and we feel that to ask 10 post of a decent calibre from our new members isn’t much to ask, this also shows that the new member does have an interest of being apart of this community and hasn’t signed up just to reap the rewards that other members have worked hard to keep a free service.

9) Threads which could “Potentially” cause unrest.

After a recent event of a members “Good bye” or “Im leaving” thread getting out of hand and causing a general bad atmosphere we have now deemed it necessary that these threads are no longer permitted. If you are leaving the forum then you can say your good bye’s to your friends via PM. This also keeps the door open should you ever want to return to post in the future. Threads like this will be deleted with out notice.

10) Trade of physical goods, tickets and member ships on the forum

Whist its great some of you wish to help other members on the forum please bare in mind at all times that you do not know who these people are, any trade of any kind is taken at your own risk and should only be done if you trust them 120%. We all build some great friendships when chatting about spurs and its easy to misunderstand or misinterpret what has been said which could lead to conflict. The Forum , Admin’s or Moderators do not take responsibility over any personal trades , although they can be asked as a referee if needed which will be conducted in a private forum with them members. This can be requested by speaking to Admin

11) Political, racial and religious Discussions

Political, racial and Religious discussions are BANNED. These three subjects are not permitted in any shape or form, people no matter how calm will never agree with “opinions” of others when these three things are involved and its best to stay away from it, we are proud of the sensible nature of our forum and while these discussions maybe apart of the world we are as one unit as spurs fans, as soon as these discussions appear its very apparent friendships and understandings are soon stretched to the limits.

Final Wording

  • Upon registering with you agreed to abide by the rules of the site. These rules prohibit the use of post bumping to reap the rewards of the free site. Rule number 8 clearly states the reason for these restrictions.
  • When the rules are breached, the moderators and administrators may send warnings, remove privileges, or choose to ban a user immediately, depending on the severity. Ignored warnings and continued offence usually result in banning.
  • The administrators and moderators reserve the right at all times to edit or remove any posts, images, signatures, avatars, and custom titles.

Jun 21, 2014
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