THFC Bar Welcome to the local pub , he you can talk about anything off topic , your jokes your life any thing you want 🙂 Fri, 17 Mar 2017 19:49:43 +0000 Fri, 17 Mar 2017 19:49:43 +0000 Tottenham Hotspur Forums – Shelf Side Spurs Forum So what do we (like to) drink? Thu, 16 Mar 2017 15:57:01 +0000 [email protected] (Zarathustra) Zarathustra
Beer: Guinness, La Chouffe and La Trappe Isid’or.

Whisk(e)y: Old Pulteney 17 Year Old, Yellow Spot (Irish) and Yamazaki 12 Year Old (Pretty decent Japanese one, although overpriced). Fancy a Highland Park 18 yo as well. :)


Never cared for wine, vodka etc., but share your thoughts.]]>
Does anyone use Sling TV in the US? Tue, 07 Mar 2017 14:37:59 +0000 [email protected] (AlabamaSpur) AlabamaSpur Chukle time Wed, 01 Feb 2017 14:35:10 +0000 [email protected] (kevfball63) kevfball63
1) Cristiano Ronaldo has said on his insurance claim form that he had asked for the tunnel wall to be moved back a full ten yards .

2) Liverpool are in talks with Everton to build a supersize stadium and they are going to name it the SAN GIRO stadium .

3) A blonde goes into the greengrocers and says i’ll have 3 pounds of potatoes please , the greengrocer replies its kilo’s now . ok she says i’ll have 3 pounds of kilo’s…

Chukle time]]>
Question for the most knowledgeable Football people… Tue, 10 Jan 2017 23:29:56 +0000 [email protected] (AlabamaSpur) AlabamaSpur 3 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 Wed, 04 Jan 2017 10:53:05 +0000 [email protected] (ctw01) ctw01
Anyway All The Best !

Lets hope Poche and the lads hit the trophy trail soon COYS.]]>
How tight are you? Thu, 29 Dec 2016 23:37:56 +0000 [email protected] (daib0) daib0
Just how tight are you lot then?

Try it at How tight are you? Take the test to find out

and please let on …


good bit of fun!

here’s mine:

You are 15% tight
"You need to tighten up – you’re flushing money down the loo. Thrift is a virtue."
funny pictures Fri, 09 Dec 2016 14:01:23 +0000 [email protected] (thfcire) thfcire [​IMG]

funny pictures]]>
Edinburgh Spurs Supporters Club Wed, 21 Sep 2016 13:30:53 +0000 [email protected] (JamboSpur) JamboSpur Edinburgh Spurs Supporters Club, recently formed.

The main idea is to meet up in central Edinburgh pub to watch games with fellow Spurs.

The future could hold home/away trips.

If anyone is interested then more details at;]]>
Footy mad boy from Sunderland needs your help Thu, 15 Sep 2016 15:42:43 +0000 [email protected] (daib0) daib0 Black Cat Chat forum has asked me if I could reproduce this on more forums … so please do take a read and go to the link underneath. Any spare pennies would be really welcomed… but equally a message on any social network would be a good help too.

Here it is:

"Bradley Lowery is a Sunderland mad lad who loves…

Footy mad boy from Sunderland needs your help]]>
World War III Wed, 24 Aug 2016 18:37:26 +0000 [email protected] (boo) boo
Russia conducts simulated launch drills across country to show off military power | Daily Mail Online]]>
Moving cross country, seeking norcal spurs Fri, 12 Aug 2016 22:15:06 +0000 [email protected] (Maslas) Maslas
I am moving to San Francisco this weekend. I know watching games will be ugly in PDT, but I am hoping some of you live out there. Would love to connect with any other spurs fans in the bay area.]]>
Football League Ladders for fans Mon, 01 Aug 2016 18:25:32 +0000 [email protected] (daib0) daib0
Couldn’t have been around for many seasons I suppose?


Anyone else got memories of these?!]]>
Failed Military Coup in Turkey Sun, 17 Jul 2016 11:17:54 +0000 [email protected] (Yid_1984) Yid_1984
Erdogan loyalists have surrounded the US airbase in Incirlik which houses US nukes,,]]>
Bastille Day Terror attack (Nice, France) Fri, 15 Jul 2016 11:20:58 +0000 [email protected] (Zarathustra) Zarathustra
  • At least 60 people are feared dead and 150 have been injured in a Bastille Day attack in Nice, southern France
  • Eyewitnesses reported a gunfight between police responding to the attack and suspects at the scene
  • Witnesses said the driver crashed his truck into a group of people, jumped down and opened fire with a gun
  • Thousands of people were in the…

Bastille Day Terror attack (Nice, France)]]>
Marijuana has alien DNA Thu, 14 Jul 2016 14:50:30 +0000 [email protected] (boo) boo Marijuana Contains "Alien DNA" From Outside Of Our Solar System, Scientists Confirm | IFLScience

Busting my arse for cancer and club. Literally Fri, 08 Jul 2016 21:16:07 +0000 [email protected] (conor1) conor1 I’m cycling around Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland on the 9 July, 78 miles.
My local gaelic football club, St James GAC, Aldergrove adopted the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice as our designated charity back in November and will be raising funds for them for the next 3 years. Our initial target for 2016 is £10000. My personal pledge is £300 so I’ve just set up a Justgiving page to help me get to my total. Just to be absolutely clear, it IS a joint fundraiser in…

Busting my arse for cancer and club. Literally]]>
IN or OUT……….? Thu, 30 Jun 2016 14:46:39 +0000 [email protected] (P UNIT) P UNIT
Little bit Political but I ask as some who doesn’t know what I am actually voting for.

My heart says out as I want no quoter for migration enforced on us and I don’t want to contribute to any European social fund etc.

However I…

IN or OUT……….?]]>
Road To Recovery Mon, 27 Jun 2016 17:23:15 +0000 [email protected] (DorsetSpursFan) DorsetSpursFan
I thought I’d start a thread about my adventure and The Bar seemed a perfect place. I will start with last night and meander back and fowards through time and blame my meds for any of this wandering.

Last night on the ward was absolutely mental, it’s a 6 bed ward with short term observation patients like me and…

Road To Recovery]]>
An amazing piece of victim advocacy Mon, 27 Jun 2016 12:37:18 +0000 [email protected] (Maslas) Maslas
Stanford sexual assault case: victim…

An amazing piece of victim advocacy]]>
50 shot dead in Orlando Sat, 18 Jun 2016 12:31:56 +0000 [email protected] (boo) boo]]>
Live gigs! Sun, 12 Jun 2016 23:30:56 +0000 [email protected] (liam) liam
What live gigs/festivals/raves are people doing over the summer this year?

Post a live video of any bands/artists so we can all enjoy!

I’ll get us started with a bit of Hells Bells by AC/DC as I’m going to see them this afternoon at the ground I was watching us do City over at only a few months ago, the Etihad Stadium.

Queen’s Birthday Honours Sat, 11 Jun 2016 05:31:54 +0000 [email protected] (DorsetSpursFan) DorsetSpursFan
Queen’s Birthday Honours]]>
The thfcire and thfcshady27 thread Sat, 28 May 2016 03:23:10 +0000 [email protected] (P UNIT) P UNIT [​IMG]thfcire…​
The thfcire and thfcshady27 thread]]>
Parent’s Rights? Tue, 24 May 2016 20:04:02 +0000 [email protected] (DorsetSpursFan) DorsetSpursFan
Mrs D is a teacher, she works really long hours and puts in a massive amout of her own time hepling thick little fukkwits keep up. She is empathetic and caring towards children, I am not. The extra work she has to put in to catch kids up when they have missed chunks of A level courses or even non higher level courses is fukking…

Parent’s Rights?]]>
Important Things In Life Sun, 15 May 2016 08:15:37 +0000 [email protected] (DorsetSpursFan) DorsetSpursFan
No the one thing that IS important is the Eurovision Song Contest! My favourite night of the year and it is TONIGHT! I will enjoy sitting in…

Important Things In Life]]>
Poo! How long does it take for it to stop smelling? Thu, 12 May 2016 16:36:23 +0000 [email protected] (boo) boo 16 5 people you would shoot in the face Wed, 11 May 2016 07:49:25 +0000 [email protected] (thfcire) thfcire 30 Horse Race Gambling Game Thu, 05 May 2016 18:24:13 +0000 [email protected] (bfwolf) bfwolf 6 lego arts Thu, 05 May 2016 12:31:24 +0000 [email protected] (thfcire) thfcire 20 Incredible LEGO Artworks by Nathan Sawaya | Bored Panda:D]]> 5 May the 4th be with you!! Thu, 05 May 2016 04:20:52 +0000 [email protected] (Why Do We Bother?) Why Do We Bother?
Sol Campbell……..Darth Vader, was on the side of the force and moved to the dark side!

Alli…..Luke Skywalker, young Jedi in the making but is battling his dark side demons!

Frank Lampard…..Jabba the hut, no explanation needed!

Alderwierld…..Han Solo, coolest man in town!

Arsene Wenger…..the empor, he just looks like him!

Tony Pulis…..CP30, the…

May the 4th be with you!!]]>