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Mar 15, 2015 at 4:05 PM
May 9, 2009
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Tottenham Hotspur, Republic of Ireland, Shamrock R

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Irish Yid Pavlyuchenko

Well-Known Member, from Mid-Ulster

Irish Yid Pavlyuchenko was last seen:
Mar 15, 2015 at 4:05 PM
    1. Heroes
      LOL – Haven’t noticed but thanks for pointing it out
    2. Javi
      I won’t say concept when I mean idea.

      I won’t say situation when I mean problem.

      I won’t say I will get "on" a plane when I am actually getting IN the plane.

      I will not say "impacted" when I mean "affected."

      I won’t say African American when I mean black dude/dudette

      I won’t say Hispanic when I mean Latino or brown dude/dudette

      I won’t say Caucasian when I mean white dude/dudette

      I will not say "procedure" when I mean "this is how you gotta do this crap"

      Simply I won’t sugar coat anything Ill give it to ya straight and if you don’t like it and you feel offended in any way you can kiss my ****ing balls!

      Did that help ya mate?:P
    3. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      I have closed it pending discussion ….. It has been reported and I have to respect that .

      It could be opened again if the mods are ok with it .

      Cheers mate .
    4. River
      I dont think any setttings have changed mate , are you truying to upload the exact same image ?
    5. River
      Yeah the image is too large ( in file size ) for the forum , it needs to be reduced to be able to do it i think
    6. spurs2rise
      Not a bad strike at all…
    7. thfcire
      your grand dont worry about it
    8. NundyYido
    9. dave hill
      dave hill
      seeing as we are so good, i’ve managed to score a couple of tickets for the inter game at the lane! yesyesyes
    10. spursman18
      Cheers for the 3k, I’m on here way too much :y10:
    11. spursman18

      i hear you have posted a vid of Pav’s daughter singing the super pav song, where is it???
    12. spurs2rise
      Did someone say… ‘super pav’?
    13. Heroes
      Liking your new avatar there IYP :302:
    14. Heroes
      Mate – you don’t need to change our avatar…mine’s black and white…
    15. Heroes
      Oh dear! Looks like we’ll be sharing "avatars" for a while (until I find one with VdV in an actual Spurs kit)…:001_005:
    16. dave hill
      dave hill
      I’m coming up for the wolves match in a couple of weeks, i won the tickets on the barclays contest thing, with codes on the back of reciepts from the atm machines!
    17. Heroes
      LOL – don’t look at me – it was a mod…
    18. dave hill
      dave hill
      lookin’ forward to your lovin’, baby!!!!!
    19. Javi
      Neato what kind did ya have mate?
    20. spurs2rise
      Pretty happy with him so far! Hopefully he has put his head down and gets an opportunity in our Champions League Qualifier!
    21. spurs2rise
      They are always on the Super Pav Facebook page mate, so dont you worry!
    22. spursman18
      It is my shirt (but only on display), got it through a contact of mine at the club, match worn! hopefully getting it signed when he comes over next month
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    Tottenham Hotspur, Republic of Ireland, Shamrock R
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    Was born into a family of United supporters, Eventually I started to grow a bigger hate for the ‘Glory Supporters’ , When Pedro Mendes hit that disallowed halfway line goal against United, I knew what was the right choice for me!
    Aye as a say aye… aye



    On the day before Jorge Valdano was going to give 17 year old Raúl his Real Madrid debut,he went to see Raúl and said "I’m thinking of playing you tomorrow, but I’m worried you might be nervous." Raúl replied "Well, If you want to win, play me. If you don’t want to win, put someone else in the team." Raúl Gonzalez Blanco <3