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Rev John Ripsher

Moderator, from London , England

Rev John Ripsher was last seen:
Mar 19, 2015 at 1:59 PM
    1. liam
      It’s all in a days work, just don’t tell my boss or I’m fired as Sugar would say.

      We did do well though. I just couldn’t get it of my mind tbh. If it was like that for me it must have been really hard for Harry. He has done fantastic during the whole situation and that is a credit to the man himself.
    2. River
      Sorry Mate i only just saw your message , to be honest i very much doubt there is anything we could say that would get us in trouble. If there is all they will do is ask us to take it down which ill do if and when it happened. 🙂
    3. steventhfc
      I’m at his house now using his computer Riv mate.
    4. andyid1964
      yea fine man,
      recently got new scanner/printer and scanned a piccy for new avatar and wasnt sure how to preview it so just posted some crap to see if it worked then deleted it…. you guys shouldnt be able to view deleted posts, i feel dirty now hahahah :001_302:
    5. BlueCrew LA
      BlueCrew LA
      My uncle is a big car guy, me not so much, I’ve heard this before though. To my knowledge it refers license plates on California cars. California changed it’s license plates around the 60’s from black to blue. The change coincided with new emissions laws, so vintage cars with "Black Plates" means the car is probably emission regulation free. Though I don’t think it’s the case with every car with black plates, especially because it’s possible to keep your plates and put them on later models. I guess if you find a car from the 50’s with the original black plates, it’s a good indication that the car is emission standards free.
    6. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      I get what you say completely , of course the original site deserves the visitors .

      I know you must have spent a long time writing the early history that is on our home page … but can I suggest a link to the book on that home page ? It is a very good read .
    7. River
      Hello mate, By all means post a thread with a link to the spurs history site so people that dont know its there can have a read but we cant reproduce it really. Im not sure what kind of copyrights there are and also the hard work of who ever made that site in taking the time to get the book online etc deserves to have the visitors to his site etc.

      I think it was posted on the forum a number of times over the years, if i recall it was P-Unit who found it last time it was mentioned but im not entirely sure.
    8. Heroes
      Hi Rev,

      Sorry for the late response.

      Link should be fine since, as you say, it’s already in the public domain!
    9. River
      Hello mate , yeah go for it nothing bad can come of it on our side 🙂
    10. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Thanks mate , no Glasto , we are going to Santa Pod to have our car forums annual p1ss-up , er , I mean annual general meeting .
    11. weirddave
      Hi Rev.

      Yeh of course I’ll get some links up. There have been other users asking about the Haye-Klitschko fight on Saturday, so with all the peer pressure, it looks like I’ll have to get my arse in gear and get the links up 😉

      Check the ‘Other Sports’ section of the forum for the boxing links 🙂

      Enjoy camping, but Glastonbury finished on Sunday night :p
    12. Rev John Ripsher
    13. AmericanHotspur
      Haha that’d be the little brother. Just ban him since it’s not me.
    14. Fatboyyid
      Haha what a colossal clot 🙂
    15. spursman18
      Yeah one that babechat started off his hearsay, and another that most have been commenting on.
    16. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      absolute pleasure mate , thanks for asking !!
    17. Audere est Facere
      Audere est Facere
      haha thanks for the accept! :y15:
    18. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      It seems that the day after a CL loss is always very emotive …. we let it go for one day only normally ….then we start wholesale banning !!!

      Have a great day .
    19. Enfield_spurs
      Hi Rev, I’m very certain that the comments weren’t a serious response as I don’t think for one minute that any poster would honestly believe that we should sell Bale because he gave away the ball for the Jones goal against stoke. I just felt like he had jumped on the band wagon with criticizing the original poster, but instead of doing it in a way in which he could point out what was wrong with the post, he chose to post sarcastic rubbish which just makes the forum look like a hostile place to any casual browsers as well as accusing the original poster of not being a spurs fan, which has no evidence. I understand it may be a tad of an overreaction to ban someone for this, but it just annoyed me that replies like this exist.
      Do what you think is necessary, thanks
    20. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Thanks mate , much appreciated .
    21. Fatboyyid
      Glad to hear it all went well mate. Hope she starts seeing an improvement very soon. Wish her all the best from me dude.
    22. Fatboyyid
      Well done mate I had a look and the pic looks good.
    23. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Take it easy matey …… There is always tomorrow .

      Rev .
    24. THFC91
      Sorry I went a little crazy, I apologise
    25. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      no problem mate .
    26. edmonds44
      Sorry Rev was on my phone that time and thought the button was reply to thread… me being stupid basically! sorry!
    27. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      No problem mate , I’ll deal with it .
    28. Heroes
      Hi Rev,

      Unfortunately I can’t close my own threads any more so may need your help?


    29. Heroes
      I just noticed that the other Andy Gray related threads were locked/closed so if the mods want to, I have no objections to that thread also closed/locked. I just started it as a bit of banter…but anyhow….
    30. spursman18
      Thanks for your words Rev… wasnt as much about the wind up, but when I replied that he "was talking to himself" it was to repeat that I was done with the conversation, things happened and we all know the story now. But I appreciate your input, hope youre doing well also mate!
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