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Sep 27, 2010
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March 16
Tottenham Hotspur

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Well-Known Member, from Scotland

rossdfc was last seen:
Mar 9, 2015
    1. BlueCrew LA
      BlueCrew LA
      Ha, I didn’t even notice. Cheers…
    2. Javi
      Yeah they have some amazing designs but the game play will be what makes you stay:).
    3. Javi
    4. 05grottim
      yeah sure ill get started on it tonight
    5. 05grottim
      haha yeah good point never mind we didnt get any requests for it 😛
    6. Javi
      Take care amigo rest up and lets get a win on Sunday!
    7. Javi
      It is still a work in progress hope it goes through, if it does not I hope that when I do visit England I am a young billionaire/millionaire lol or that id at least gotten a story of mine on film or published:P. But yeah it would be awesome to head over there with you lot for a match some drinks then more drinks and just living it up. Mind you when you are hanging around me expect random crazy shit to happen lol.
    8. Javi
      Well Texas weather can’t make up its mind, its been hell hot all summer then it cooled down a bit, then it went back to hell, then cool again and then hot again. Now they are saying a cold front is coming in :P. Well life is pretty hard in my situation and as you know things in Mexico aren’t any better "recent massacre at a Casino". Just doing my best to find work when I can and work on my writing and staying in a bit of shape. All in all just looking for something new been single for almost a year now but I am ok with it.

      This weekend well I hope to do what I do every weekend random crazy shit lol, I just get ideas at the spur of the moment and I go with it. Don’t really have friends here wish I were in England got a few there. Hows your life going about?
    9. Javi
      So basically you can be a warrior type, or maybe a theif, or an assassin or a wizard or a mixture of what you want. The things that you do affect how people like you and such. There is just too much to explain, I recommend it for you, its truly an escape from reality and the experience is something you won’t find in any other game. If you get it on pc you can get mods for it too. Hope I have sold ya the game lmao.

      So up to much this weekend?
    10. Javi
      I hated playing Fifa online mainly because the other person would leave if you are winning and you don’t get the point, after fifa 10 I just sort of went away from them especially after I heard how EA treats their staff among other things.

      But oh were to being….. Skyrim is part of The Elder Scrolls series , Arena was the first then followed Daggerfall"with a world the size of England", then Morrowind, then Oblivion, and now Skyrim. It is a one player rpg game with TONS of quests. You can build your character the way you want it to, you want to be good ok, you want to be bad that’s fine, a mixture of the two? You wanna use swords, or spells, or a bow and arrows or all that is fine. There is a main quest to the game but the tons of side quests and places to explore are so deep and detailed that you probably won’t do the main quest until you explored it all. Continued…..
    11. Javi
      Ahh dude drinking and partying is overrated, nothing but a bunch of dumb asses wasting beer and doing shit they know they aren’t supposed to but using alcohol as an excuse. Do random crazy shit and you will have more fun jeje I know I do. Speaking of video games, ahhhhh so many good ones coming out but only got the money for one, Skyrim is my choice since I will get more playing time out of all of them. Since Epic games pulled a capcom on Gears of Wars 3 and locked content already available in the game just to sell it in the marketplace, thought twice about buying it.

      Also if you have noticed my recent posts, think some people"not gonna mention names but one of them is named rossdfc";) is giving Gio too much crap. I guess it happens and I can understand it but still you know as a national it gets on my nerves when people won’t give him some credit for the positives he did, especially with all the cons.

      But anyways how is fifa 12? I swore off EA games thinking of going PES.
    12. Javi

      How are you today amigo?
    13. AmericanHotspur
      pshh, I was in school! step the game up ross…
    14. AmericanHotspur
      cheers ross! already watched 50-60 minutes like i said but the game was super boring at times. This got me the good parts
    15. DorsetSpursFan
      Ta for the message, 100 posts and I haven’t been banned (nearly but I’ll back off that guy for a bit!)
    16. Heroes
      ‘Fraid not. Too busy among other things to be honest. But up to December 2010, Modric was leading all the way.,
    17. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher
      Hi mate , I’m delighted to accept your friendship request and hope it is reciprocated .

    18. alex3
      i’m leaving this shit forum
    19. alex3
      u just said u like me and now ur laghing at me
    20. alex3
      ok mate,thanx mate
    21. spursman18
      Also, seeing how its only been made today……I think someone is taking the piss
    22. spursman18
      LOL, thanks for that. When I first started following all the ITKs he was one who I liked but I dont pay him much attention anymore, he said he would tell us in January why he was going all cryptic and never did. Which he is saying again on his twitter.
    23. Musashi
      Keep the faith man. We’ll be back in it soon enough. It serves as a goal for our club. :001_302:
    24. Heroes
      Thanks for the reminder. It’s been a hectic week for me this week. Will start a thread
    25. Iconic Drei
      Iconic Drei
      Thanks for the add mate.
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