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Spurs Membership Types

1. What are the different One Hotspur membership tiers?There are five membership tiers in total, plus One Hotspur Striker, Kicker and Dribbler for supporters under the age of 16 The five main tiers are:

One Hotspur Lilywhite – For the fan who wants to feel part of the Club and get ticket priority for buy tickets to matches.

One Hotspur Bronze – For the supporter who wants to attend matches as often as possible and take a place on the Season Ticket Waiting List.

One Hotspur Silver – For the supporter who likes to attend all home League games by way of owning a home Season Ticket.

One Hotspur Gold – For the fan who wants to attend every game played at home, in the League and Cup competitions by way of a home Season Ticket and subscription to the Home Cup-Tie Ticket Guarantee Scheme.

One Hotspur Platinum – For the supporter who wishes to go to every game, home and away through owning a home and away Season Ticket plus subscription to the Home and Away Cup-Tie Ticket Guarantee Scheme.

Please note that the Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers are not currently available to new applicants. However, if you select the One Hotspur Bronze Membership you can be among the supporters that are next in line for the Season Ticket tiers of membership should any become available.

2. I would like to upgrade my membership tier, how do I do this?

Gold to Platinum – Members who want to upgrade to the exclusive Platinum membership tier should contact the Ticket Office directly on 0844 844 0102.

Silver to Gold – Upgrading to Gold membership is easy. Simply sign up for the Home Cup Tie Ticket Guarantee Scheme when you renew.

Bronze to Silver – Upgrading from Bronze to Silver membership is by invitation only. Once the renewal deadline has passed for Silver members, Bronze members at the top of the Season Ticket Waiting List will be offered the chance to upgrade to Silver Membership.

Lilywhite to Silver – Simply select the Bronze membership option when you renew/purchase your membership.

3. What if I can’t access a computer, the internet or don’t want to give my details on line?
You can join the One Hotspur membership scheme by phone on 0844 844 0102. Our call centre will take all your details, you will be charged a £3.50 administration fee for renewing by phone.

You can join in person at the Members’ Office at Tottenham Hotspur. You MUST bring a form of photo ID with your membership to be processed over the counter. Anyone paying in this way will face the possibility of having to queue at busy times (usually between the hours of 12 noon and 2.00pm weekdays).

4. What if I want to pay by cash?
Anyone wishing to pay by cash are advised to visit the Members’ Office in person but please be advised about possible queuing as above.

5. What if I want to take part in the payment plan?
Anyone wishing to pay via this method for the Season Ticket Membership needs to contact the Ticket office for further information on 0844 844 0102 or click here for details.


6. How do I change my personal/contact details?
It is really important that we have all your correct contact information. You can ‘manage my account’ online through our Ticketing & membership web service at:


Simply log in using your Client Reference number, password and ‘manage my account’. Alternatively contact the One Hotspur members’ office on 0844 844 0102.

7. How do I join the Season Ticket waiting list?
You will need to become a One Hotspur Bronze Member, but will need to pay the additional £15. To remain a Bronze Member each season will then cost the Lilywhite membership fee plus £5 to keep your place on the Waiting List. Upon purchasing a Season Ticket, you will be refunded your £5 retaining fee for that season. Additional benefits of Bronze membership include being able to purchase match tickets before Lilywhite Members.

8. What if I was a Junior One Hotspur Member this season and am now too old for that category for the 2010/2011 season?
We will automatically move anyone with a date of birth before 16 August 1994 into the Adult Lilywhite or Bronze category. Your membership will then be at the Adult level.

9. How can I move the position of my season ticket seat?
This can only be done at renewal stage. Once this has passed, you will have to wait until next season.

10. How do I apply to be an away season ticket holder
One Hotspur Gold Members can indicate in their renewal process if they are interested in upgrading to Platinum. At the moment Platinum is fully subscribed. The Ticket Office will contact any one that indicates interest after all current Platinum renewals have been received

12. Will I be able to upgrade my One Hotspur membership during the season?
One Hotspur Lilywhite Members may upgrade to Bronze at any time during the season, however, once the season has commenced no extra loyalty points will be awarded for doing so, with exception of those earned from the Cup-Ties attended.
One Hotspur Silver Members may upgrade to Gold at any time during the season, however, once the season has commenced no extra loyalty points will be awarded for doing so, with exception of those earned from the Cup-Ties attended.

13. How do I find out where I am on the Season Ticket waiting list?
Confirmation of your position in the season ticket waiting list will be confirmed to you once the season has commenced

14. How is the price of One Hotspur Platinum Membership calculated?
These prices are based on 21 away matches, plus a non-refundable service charge of £35 and then adding this to the cost of a Silver Membership. In the event that the actual cost of your away tickets is less than the amount that has been paid, a credit for the difference will be given back to you at the end of the Season. If it is more, you will be required to pay the difference.


15. As a One Hotspur Member, do I have the opportunity to buy a guest ticket before tickets go on General Sale?
All One Hotspur Members will have a one day window to purchase one guest ticket for any home League fixture. This day will be on the last day of the priority-booking period for One Hotspur Lilywhite and Bronze Members – the day before any remaining tickets go on general sale. Tickets are dependent on availability and are not guaranteed, and will not necessarily be near the One Hotspur Member’s seat.

16. What are loyalty points?
The loyalty policy was set up to be fair and right for all of our fans and to reward those who attended most regularly. Loyalty points will go towards your ticket priority for matches where demand for tickets exceeds availability (such as Arsenal away or a Cup Final)

17. How many Cup matches are included in my One Hotspur Season Ticket Membership?
One Hotspur Silver, Gold and Platinum Members are given guaranteed admission for all 19 Premier League matches played at White Hart Lane, plus the first two home Cup-Ties played in either domestic or european cup competitions (excluding Champions League, if applicable) to be determined at the Club’s discretion.

18. What happens if we do not play any home Cup matches during the 2010/2011 Season?
If the Club does not play either or both Home Cup games during the season then Silver, Gold and Platinum Members who renew for Season 2010/2011 will receive as a loyalty reward an appropriate credit to be determined by the Club. No cash refunds will be made.

19. I am a One Hotspur Silver Member. How can I reserve my regular seat for any extra cup fixtures?
Silver Members will have a limited priority period (two days) during which they can secure their usual seat (subject to competition rules) for Cup-Ties at White Hart Lane, any seats that are unclaimed by the closing date will be released without any further notice. Alternatively you can upgrade to One Hotspur Gold Membership which guarantees you a seat to all home Cup-Ties without any further action required on your part.

20. What happens if I forget my One Hotspur Silver/Gold/Platinum Season Ticket on the day of a match?
If a One Hotspur Season Ticket Book has been forgotten, a duplicate match ticket may be issued by the Ticket Office for a charge of £50 to enable the One Hotspur Member to enter the ground. A sum of £40 is refundable upon production of the relevant voucher and duplicate match ticket stub at a later date.

21. I am a One Hotspur Gold/Platinum Member. When will the money for extra Cup Tickets be taken from my account, and when will these tickets be dispatched?
All additional home cup tickets will be debited from your registered Credit/Debit Card once final details of the Cup-Tie are confirmed. The Club will then send you an email to inform you when your tickets have been dispatched. Typically funds will be taken from your account approximately four weeks before the match. It is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient funds available

22. Will I be able to sit in my regular seat for these extra cup fixtures?
Yes. Becoming a Gold or Platinum Member means that your usual seat will be secured for all future home Cup-Ties, providing your Credit/Debit Card details are kept up to date and the competition rules allow it.

23. As a One Hotspur Platinum Member, where will I be seated for away matches?
The seats allocated at away games will be the best available, as specified by the host club. Except in special circumstances, such as medical reasons, it is not possible to make specific requests on where you wish to be seated.

24. As a One Hotspur Platinum Member, will I be able to sit with a group of friends at away matches?
You can specify on your application the details of other Platinum Members you wish to sit with at away games. Your tickets will then be automatically dispatched to each Platinum Member individually.

25. Are One Hotspur Platinum Members able to buy an additional away match ticket, before the fixture goes on General Sale?
Platinum Members are not able to apply for extra away tickets in addition to their Away Season Ticket unless the away tickets go on General Sale.


26. What if I am already a Spurs TV Online subscriber?
You will receive confirmation by email from Spurs TV Online that the relevant number of months have been added as an extension to your account free of charge.

27. How do I activate my free Spurs TV Online trial?

28. How does the 2010/2011 One Hotspur Reward programme work?

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